The Author


Lailatul Amna - or probably known as elactrico on the internet. Basically a 21.5 y/o trying to keep up with life pace. Recently an architecture student who's been busy on her senior year struggling final thesis and studio. Probably doesn't do much for the past recent times already, busy enough maintaining her motivation to keep living. Probably a slob who loves daydreaming yet ambitious.

A true-Cancerian born, on the way pursuing her dream of traveling and living abroad.  The rest of her actual times spent for working on house works, watching series, sleeping, scrolling timelines, laying on the bed and having thoughts. She would also love to write so much and working on stuffs on her spare times.

She has her deepest desire to travel the world, explore and conquer the world on her own, and especially to feel what others feel in any kind of way. She writes what she feels, what she thinks, what she loves and more. She shares thoughts, happiness, pleasures, memories, loves and smiles.

for any inquiries, do contact her through email;