Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hello, 2018 - it's been a while.

It feels great to have time of our own and be back here again, checking on my blog, that it hits me realizing that it has been so long since the last time I posted and updated my life in here.

So, what is it? The things that basically took my time away that I had not been able just to come visit or even stop by here. (I literally had not been for once checking on my blog - I know it saddens me, also.) It's just.... that I have to do life. It feels nice to stop by here, indeed. Again taking a break from  our boring life --routine, and again its the time for only me and my own mind.

It is not that "the boat has sailed", its just me reaching another step in life, its just now that life has not always been so easy anymore. But thanks to that, in this case - we will always find our ways to learn, and improve and most importantly to get through the day, each time.

It was nice, after I finished my thesis and final project that I still got time to take care of several documents as the requirement for uni graduation, and after that we still had time to take on another adventure which was us going to Bromo. aaand on mid of December we were on our uni graduation (which I am not sure why I haven't posted it here, guess that ain't nobody had time for that :'>)

Then after graduation I found myself busy bc I had to pack and move back to my hometown again bc I had already finished my study which then I had no more responsibility to complete anymore in Oslo. It was indeed quite hectic - but we went through it anyway. And suddenly it was New Year Eve, as far as I knew that I had to get a job real quick bc I was no longer could ask my foster family for pocket money anymore (saad).

I thank Allah Swt for granting my prayer as quick as I have never expected it. I know that God may not always grant and give what we wanted, but indeed that He will always grant for what we need, and it is truly acceptable.

I remember I applied for job vacancy on Dec 28, then right two days after that, I got a notification that I was invited for an interview for the next two days. I was surprised bc I only  had two days to prepare for my very first interview, lol. Imagine that I had never been on an interview before that it scares me to death for me to face my very first interview. It was stressing me out until it made me physically sick right on the night on New Years Eve, lol. But looking back at it now, I feel funny, but once again that its okay, we went through it anyway.... and the best thing yet is I got the job! Alhamdulillah~

And now that's the thing that has been keeping me busy, to fulfill my responsibility of my new job. Its hard adapting to new life, new ambiance, I am still adapting tho it's been 3 months now. And for now, I hope that whatever life put us through, whatever universe throw at our faces, no matter how much we stumble and fall, may it help us to learn and get bigger. 

- May the hardship we face, shape us for the better we are.

Sincerely, Ela.

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