Thursday, November 23, 2017

BALI PHOTO DIARY #2 - Pura Tirta Empul

As a tourist visiting new places and joining an arranged tour, you would likely to head to such main tourism object. Bali itself known for its traditional culture which still stick throughout the time besides its sandy and wavy beaches for surfing or tanning. And here we were, at the second day of our tour in Bali we went to visit one of its old heritage which was then called Pura Tirta Empul. Pura itself is a place with ancient stones and temple used for Hinduism to pray, which makes the area is a sacred place.

Before we went in, we were asked to wear a drapery, mostly to cover our body parts that wasn't covered from knee to above. I thought it was nice to once dress like Balinese and feel the way locals would behave and actually live. Knowing and appreciating one of Indonesia's oldest culture and religion somehow bring something fresh to the eye and mind. It was nice to get to know we never knew before as it adds more perspective on seeing the world that differs from ours.

One thing I noticed of why I like Bali is the strong cultural value we get to experience. Such as the warmth of the people, the smiles and the greetings, the old Balinese architecture and ancient heritage, and mostly the calming ambiance we don't get from our daily life. I mean, it was that peaceful in Bali that not even traffic jam could stress you out. I don't know, but its just something about Bali and its peacefulness that always got me shivering of calmness.

There was this pool in Pura Tirta Empul area that used as a sacred pool where Hinduism (or tourist) would actually wash their selves. They believe, when they took a bath while visiting this Pura, it will actually wash all the sins away and make them a new and decent person again. I believe the water itself would actually feel pure and relaxing since it came from a natural water springs.

We managed to take photos on every Pura's gate. There were several areas of the Pura, that some of them were made public and the other were meant for praying purpose only. When we entered the "more" sacred place, people that didn't wear a headscarf (my friends were hijabi so they weren't asked to do such things) - as if it was me who was actually let my hair down - were asked to tie my hair so it wouldn't fall off easily? I guess? I don't know, since it was a sacred-er place, I think it has something to do about being polite there - as we were asked to tie our hair.

There was this pool before we exit the area. This huge pool where there were so many koi fish that can actually be fed. We can buy the fish palet on the shop by the pool and it'd cost about Rp10k I guess, I kinda forgot. I was kinda excited to see the fish because they were also excited seeing many people stop by and actually throwing the fish food to the pool. After that we just exited the area by passing a small gate which made us kinda bowing. I think it was just something had to do with polite gesture once again, I guess. (Its the same we had on Javanese culture as well). Oh and we also returned the drapery we borrowed before to the main desk near the entrance gate before and paid some "thank you" money as you'd sincerely give.

It was all fun and full of cultural heritage yet experience we had there, until on the way back to our bus we had to pass several souvenir shops. Well, as a usual main attraction I was kinda okay with it, but the "very rude yet persuasive" local seller got me kind of having a bad memory to this place. I wasn't bringing enough cash that time (which I'm most grateful about). We I and my 2 other friends passed this route, we were kinda dragged by three different seller from different shop which made me and my friends separated. Each of us were "forced" to buy at least one item, or we wont ever be let go. Ergh, I kinda hate it when I remember back then. I ended up bought one short because I didn't bring enough cash, even that time, when I didn't bring enough cash I was forced to rent it to my friend, like duh. hiks. yasudahlah, lain kali hati-hati saja hiks.

I think that's enough reminisce of what I actually remember about this place. It was aaaall nice and fun but about the local seller I'd gladly recommend for you to stay focused and not to look around even more window shopping bc the seller would actually drag you into their store, hmph.

Written as my concern,
Ela Amna.

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