Tuesday, November 7, 2017

BALI PHOTO DIARY #1 - Popo Danes

It actually took me exactly a year to finally publish this post. Well, I'm sorry and please pardon my reckless and forgetful self hiks. As you always know, I wouldn't really be here if I had a lot to work on, even though sometimes I would still be here despite my crazy work only just to escape from the mad world and find my peace for a second.

It was November last year, the very first time I stepped my feet in Bali and breathed its air. It always gets me excited to finally being able to visit new places and have a pleasant moment cherishing the ambiance. I wouldn't really travel new places unless its the place I really wanted to, or because I joined an event, or just because my friends asked me to join them. 

I have never really had a reason of why I should go to Bali except the fact that its a touristy places where foreigner would love to come. I wouldn't have myself went to Bali only by myself because I wasn't really fond of Bali in the first time I heard and knew about it. But this time, because its a part of my department program, which involved learning and traveling, I had enough reason for my parents to allow me to go travel.

On our very first day, we went to Popo Danes Architect office to have an experience of how Balinese architect would do their job and also to feel their office. After a brief presentation about Bali and its architecture culture, we were allowed to explore the building without bothering the workers. First we came to an exhibition room which then reorganized as we gather there and did a little briefing. The we took a look at the meeting room, and also the working place which was connected by corridors and ramp.

I was kind of mesmerized for a moment, I could imagine how I would be working at this kind of ambiance for several years forward, and I kind of liking it. Well not the working habit to be exact, but the working place and ambiance did leave a very nice imprint to my ambitious thought. I want to work in a place like this, someday.

Then we headed upstairs and found another meeting room, and landscape mock ups placed in every corner of the room. What I loved about this floor level (or actually the top floor) is that they had an open garden space which made us can relax and just sat by for a little after the whole building tour. And other things I noticed that I loved is that they actually put a mini speaker in every spot at the garden (which then was covered with cement as it shaped like a stone), and from the speaker there was some certain music played as it added more like chill ambiance to the place. And I like it much because you know, as an architect we do consider much about how a place can leave such a "feeling" towards its user - that we know as "Perasaan Meruang".

Not much that I can remember besides those things I have mentioned above. It was nice when I had to look back at the memories I made during this part of my travel in Bali. By the end of our visit in Popo Danes Architect, Mr. Popo Danes finally got to meet us by himself that before this he couldn't welcome us first thing in the morning the second we came to his office. Thank you for the very convenience visit which was provided to us. :)

Written by yours truly,
Ela Amna.

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