Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Broken Arms

She said she's getting used of people come and go, 
of people leaving, 
of what came through then faded. 
Getting used to it till it hurts no more, 
till she cant break another part. 
But deep down, it still aches, however.

She had enough of feeling sorry for herself, 
she had enough apologizing whether she's hard to love, 
she cant help to do anything as well.

Then here she was, 
standing to emptiness of the mind full of thought 
whether she could bear, 
that maybe, its not her who's hard to love, 
that maybe just maybe; 
she just haven't been loved by the right person. 
Just yet, oh m'dear.

Bear it a little more, she beg for the sake of her sanity.
I begged her.

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