Wednesday, July 5, 2017

From The Dining Table

I've met somebody I thought "the one" and ended up it was just nothing.
I've came to a feeling, when I was already being too comfortable 
over somebody's companion; that his presence didn't hurt,
and ended up hurting myself over silence.
I've came to realize, that no matter how bad and hurt I was, 
it would be over once its done.

we haven't spoke since you went away
comfortable silence is so overrated
why wont you ever say what you want to say

And to that, even it would still hurt every time, but you will get over it somehow.
That sadly that somehow has not seemingly coming any closer, yet.
And to that, it's again fearsome to trust the heart to other human rather than yourself.

I've came to know, that no matter how indelible the moment was
and the feeling that left behind; that no matter how certain you were,
once its done, its over.
But at least your lines once were aligned. 

To think what once was mine;
to think it all over again, that something had never really be mine.
Expectations are overrated. High hopes got wasted. The one got away.

even my phone, misses your call.
maybe one day you'll call me 
and tell me that you're sorry too.
but you never do.

Human tend to hurt each others,
Hopes got wasted over mankind; you'll get upset.

Its again scary to hand such fragile item to clumsy creature
yet it hurts staying in the broken form for so long.
Did you feel just fine?

People come and go
Feelings faded and overrated
I've come to realization that,
you don't have to fight so hard being in somebody's life.
you don't have to beg so bad to have them stay.
They will just let you if they wanted to.
Pointless suffer is overrated; you don't need to.

People come and go,
and even its hard to ask somebody to stay
but at least you're trying.
it's their loss if they're gone.

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