Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Many said if it was easy, then it was never worth it.
Many said, if it never meant to you, you will never had it.
No matter what you do, no matter how much effort you have put.

My aunty once said, if somebody has taken away from you,
or they're gone, or they're got away,
; it's their lost, or maybe they're no longer bring good to you,
and surely God will replace them with a better one.

And that will have to happen several times, not only once.
Remembering its still too early to judge what love has to be,
and how you define love itself. Its still too early.

And this evening, I just got back to my dorm room to an eventful dinner with my labkom friends. They are indeed the ones I spent most of my times with these past recent months already. From the arranging and working on my concept book on computer lab, until now I have officially occupy the room next door - which is Studio Tugas Akhir. But I'm glad I still got to meet them everyday despite our same but different kind of busy. I think its sweet how we care for each others in a different way. I know I'm not really close with them on a daily basis and before, but their company do keep me company.

It's again that time I realized how we enjoyed one another; when none of them asked to go back home, and I had to ask a skeptical question on how come nobody had the tiniest intention of going back. Then we were back, sometimes being on our own phone spending our time quietly together, and sometimes having our little chats over dumb conversations - and how nobody didn't want to end that, lol. You guys are so sweet, I can't. haha.

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