Monday, May 1, 2017

Ketep Pass - Sight Seeing at 1.200 Mdpl

I realize that I'm not really an avid nature-seeker, unless somebody invite me to a journey to that. I'd love to travel as long as it doesn't sound too tiring at the first time I heard it.  Right, more like a spoiled traveler indeed. But that's me. I would love to travel so much, as long as it seeing new things more suitably. So this is me, reporting for you, live and in stereo.

Last Sunday, I didn't really have a plan on how I would waste such another day except just to lay down and drown myself over unnecessary stuffs I might do. It was a pleasure knowing my friend invited me to an impulsive travel we did that day. She asked me whether I wanna join her to go to Ketep Pass, and because I had never heard it anywhere before, I googled it as soon as I recognized. (You might wanna google it if you're curious enough because I'm not gonna tell you the whole things about Ketep Pass itself, lol).

Ketep Pass itself is a point where you can actually sight-see the scenery between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu from 1200 Mdpl. Ya lumayanlah yaa kalo mau cari refreshing yang dingin-dingin mah. I was actually excited to get here because I have never been to any (what do you say "Gardu Pandang" in english?) - yeah, that was what I meant. The scenery itself was indeed mesmerizing, though we couldn't really see it clearly because it was raining a bit before we got there and the fog was down. But still, the chill ambiance still got me excited.

Too bad the road we took to get here was kind of being fixed. There were so many damaged roads, some of them were being repaired so there was kind of "buka - tutup", like the one you pass when you go to Puncak Bogor, hmm. And some of the damaged roads were being left defective.  Wavy roads along the way, but I think its enough of a try tho. I hope next time we visit this place, the roads are already fixed so it would me much of a comfort later on. We decided to take the other way when we go home, so the roads were better than the last one we had.

There were also Volcanic Museum and Theater there, and an outdoor Amphitheater and rented binoculars too (I mean the one you put coins in it, if I'm not mistaken). The surroundings were too pretty to describe, but instead of taking the pictures of the scenery, we took pictures of ourselves and the scenery as the background. But because the fog was down, so here it is. (Still though, I wish I had a decent camera to shoot the scenery I told you about so I wouldn't be having myself mumbling of it over and over again, lol). Done taking bizarre amount of picture, we decided to eat at the food area. The food stalls are also pretty because it treated us with such scenery while we enjoyed our meals there.

Ketep Pass, from 1200 Mdpl
Apr, 30 2017.

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