Tuesday, April 4, 2017

KKN Lyfe; Vertical Garden

Okay, truth to be honest I find it a bit tiring to write such posts in a row. I mean, look at these stories I got no mood to write about. But if I only posted the photos it would seem as clueless as it is. And besides, I got feelings to pour for every photos I've selected to post up here. Its just sometimes I'm not in the mood of writing this kind of my daily activity kinda subject. But the feeling of owing to myself just haunts me more than ever. I promised myself to post up my KKN Journal, and okay, I got to keep my promise, at least to myself. Ergh. Hmm. 

Okay, so let me start from this one. This one Vertical Garden proker is not really our proker since the first time we thought for KKN but we manage to do it anyway because we got nothing else possible enough as an alternate proker to oblige the KKN requirement from campus. We had to do at least 5 main proker and 4 supporting proker (re: proker: work program).

elactrico's groupies

So here we are, at SDN Pilang 1 to practice with the kids on how to utilize plastic garbage and turn it into something we could use - such as pot for vertical gardening. We - from Tim KKN, have prepared for the plant, the soil, the fertilizer and the equipment to hang the pot before, so this kids just have to bring their own plastic bottle and scissors.

Looking all happy with their pots
Okay let me tell you how to make it, its quite easy tbh. lol.
First we have to prepare the material first, such as
  • for the plant; the plant (ofc), soil and fertilizer
  • equipment; plastic bottle, scissors, nails, candle, wire and sth to hang the pot (this time we use wood thats been planted to the wall)
Then we start to cut the bottle into two, we only use the upper part for the plant
Then we make holes for the water to run through the plant
Finish making little holes, we can now move the plants into our new pot
*remember only the plant because we are using the soil and fertilizer we've prepared before
And after that we water the plant and it's already done and can be hung.

This is actually the last proker we did together, so at that time we also said our last goodbye to te kids because soon we would be leaving and back to our own uni.

Sincerely, elactrici.

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