Saturday, April 29, 2017

I... Am What?

I still like the way your eyes catches mine. I still like it.
I like it when we had a long talk and conversation,
but why wouldn't you do this when I was madly in love with you?

Now, long after all the sparks gone that you have to do this.
Coming back to my life after all this time.
Being so nice and alluring, and even more easy to talk to.
You've never done this before, or maybe that was just because I was blinded.

I know its easier to talk to you as a friend instead of lover.
But there's something in you I still can't resist.
Now that you're acting all up
I just wanna ask, why are you so warm after all the cold.

You are the poem I can't resist not to write.
There are something in you I could not bear to resist.
One of it is writing it up
How I felt about you its just way beyond poetic.

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