Sunday, March 12, 2017

Life Update and All Things Behind

Ummm... Okay... Hello all! Where should I start precisely?
Okay, first of all apologize for the lack update on this blog, besides it's a usual thing that I don't post regularly even though you know I always try my best at it. Lol. 

Many things had happened these past recent months, including that I'm gone for the whole 45-days started from early Jan to end of Feb, doing obligatorily volunteer from our campus which is Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN). And I think that explains enough of why I didn't update this blog as much as I could (besides internet connection's such a rare substance). There are so many stories I wanna tell ya, but I'll gather all my mood and patience to write and upload all the writings here, so stay tune!

And now, realizing that again I'm here is just because I got enough time to waste or again because now I'm escaping from my true responsibility which now is doing my research for my final thesis, du uh. Always lazy af to do such academic activity, hiks, That's why this blog grow more often when I have assignments to be done, lol.

Just please,
wish me luck on doing this reality-related work so then we can do whatever our heart please to do,
and I wish you the same! Oh and btw, why are we in the middle of March already? oh, I'm awed.


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