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#2016bestnine Based on Instagram Likes and Stories!

Hello y'all! Happy New Year! 
Years already changing and I'm still the same. Sometimes I find it saddening how I come to realize that 2016 wasn't as much as remarkable but tho, it was still fun tho. A bit cliche because I'm saying it a bit in an opposite way from what I said from my IG caption, but still I am grateful. Not much of milestones but indeed I'm glad 2016 finally passed. Not so much to remember but I know I learned a lot this year.

Apart from "my life's highlights" seen from this instagram bestnine, I had quite a year on 2016. As I said before, even though I might not much achieving or trying new things I have never been before, but this year has taught me a lot of the way for myself being more self-conscious and more responsible. I dared my self enough improving my social and professional skills and though it was not all pleasing but it's always be a part of the process. (Quoted from my IG caption besides that I'm lazy but this writing pretty much describing abt how I felt abt 2016)

And besides, I know even though I'm not really trying new things on 2016, but I did pretty well enough living it up - as you can see I post more on 2016 than years before because I had pretty much event to held and -busy classes to attend and things to tell this year. Or maybe that's just because this year has been full of agony that to writer it's a part of privilege or a bit muse to write. Or maybe I'm just again being bored of living.

Sometimes it saddens me how this year has became so much of ups and downs, I cried a lot and sadly one of my biggest fear came around again - to feel lonely. Quite same sorrow to pick, so long from 2012 or so. Too much hope fades away and vision goes further but somehow we keep going - using present tense because it's still happening and I don't know how to over it. And as I'm writing this I'm again on the bottom. I know I don't want to be drowning on this too long, so shall we move to the cheering part then?

And here I am presenting you, the picture-perfect life of elactrico;

1. Once Upon a Time in a Coffee Shop

Well, I'm not yet making a blog entry for this photo (but sure I will, its already on draft, lol), but then I'll tell you anyway.
It was Saturday, first weekend on October and I'm glad I got to meet up with my friend from senior high. I don't get how this photo got quite abundant likes, I mean it's just a photo and nothing quite special behind it. Or maybe that was just because my friend took it, idk. 

Not so much to tell because this is just a self-portrait I asked my friend to take for me, lol. Nothing quite marvelous to tell but indeed I loved how this meeting with friends brought a little happiness to reminisce. Catching up with best friends, telling old stories, talking dreams and just pretty much spending the time. Oh and also the place was quite cozy and the coffee was enough. 😊

2. 21

I'm glad that the year I'm turning 21 is so far the second greatest I had. (Well the first one's still when I'm turning 17 tho, lol). 
I mean look at the cake! It's just the cutest of 'em all. I'm grateful I still had my birthday on holy Ramadhan month. It's the second birthday I got on Ramadhan after last year when I turned 20. I just loved it how my friends managed to arrange a surprise birthday bash despite all the hectic and the urge of coming back home because that was nearly holiday. 

I was sad when I turned 20, and I'm sad again when I turned 21. Basically I'm always sad when I had my birthday - birthday syndrome. When I was younger I was sad because the only person who thought my birthday is a special day was only my self - teenage drama. And turned out when I'm older, I'm sad because I've reached certain ages yet I'm still stood nothing. Sad, right?

Anyway, I've posted it up already. My turning 21 on; June is Always The Sweetest

3. Architecture Event
A boomerang I made with my friend in order to attract people to come to our event which was Architecture Event. Well, this one kind of one of my milestones I had this year tho. For the very first time in forever I became a Head of Publication Department of this event. Even though I was not much working my ass off because I was doing my internship on the other hand, but the event did go pretty well, I would say. I am never really an organization person myself, but when I do I try to take part and do my best on it, (okay the last one's bit cliche, lol).

I'm glad I finally did it, and the event has passed as well. I wasn't quite really sure at the first time since I had my self doing an internship at the same time as the publication agenda, but my friend somehow got to manage it and I'm tada! It was an okay work doing that. I think I'm better off before I start to mumbling random things.

4. Fully Blown

Well this was actually my very first visit to Art Jog. I've always been wanting to go to this exhibition but when the date's come I got so many things to do yet limited time to afford. But gladly this year was actually an impromptu and you know, spontaneous act always turned out the greatest. I was so ecstatic the very first time I entered the building. It had so many artwork to look at and the meaning behind it. And I was so mesmerized by this one, it was a simple beaut I couldn't help but ask my friend to take a pic of me. lol.

postcards from Art Jog, you can see on; Resembling Art Jog.

5. That Escalated Quickly

I'm actually pleased that this picture also included in my IG bestnine (and to that, thanks people for liking it as much as I do!), because indeed this picture resembles one of this year's highlight - which is my internship. This internship, even though not quite seems like a milestone but it is actually. I don't really talk about it during my period of internship because I don't feel really pleasant by the time I had it. I mean, who enjoyed working 8-5 5/7 for 3 months. Well I was excited at the couple first weeks but then, just don't ask. But reminiscing it now, I'll think it through about putting it on a blog post, just maybe. 

Because somehow, despite working on a boring routine and trying so hard to have enough sleep and balancing life, we indeed learn how to cope with both office and project materials (...I mean... materials?) Even though we didn't seem to do much, but we did actually. Some days did seem like a boring yet tiring days, yet some days or to be exact every Friday we had to check the building's progress from top floor till basement - which my building has 32 floor and 2 basement. Ok, tiring enough, but that was fun tho. Or when we were boring and got nothing to do we could just go up to the building and have this scenery instead. Its kind of joyous when I remembered this part. Oh and remember when we trapped up there and the storm was coming up through and we just scared ourselves to death? Yes.

And besides that, I learn to let go of the anxiety of talking to people. You know you'll just scare yourself to death talking to someone you're respect  (or maybe... terrify enough), or in this case I refer to our "bosses" at office, or at the very first time we searched for company. I'd say that's pretty intense. We had to go to Pasar Rebo and ended up got no upcoming calls, we got to call HRD person and ended up getting nagged - but that was okay because finally the one in Alam Sutera accepted us. I know Allah Swt will gives us the best, recalling those memories, it's already pretty much a hard time at the beginning for us to come back and forth, in and out of town searching for company.

Well, already too long just for a photo, lol.

6. Angels in Disguise

Some angels live in heaven, some angels live on earth. Some angels have wings, some without wings. But sure all angels can fly, even more if you keep flattering 'em high - like this groupies, Duh. lol. These are not only my best colleagues, but also best friends in heart, and more importantly my couch potato. Here are the committees of my surprise birthday bash, like every year. lol. Thank you all for always bearing it up being my friend, I know it's hard enough already, but still thank you for staying! And um... miss you guys.. 😢

7. Bit of Sun Rays

Indeed an eventful sunny evening. This photo was actually taken when we got to celebrate Leoni's birthday at Bake It! Done eating up and catching up, I recognized the sun flared a bit too harsh. Then I came up to an idea of taking a self-portrait out of it, lol. I asked my friend to take a picture of me, but turned out the one's from my ipod got the best picture of it. Danke Mami for taking it for me without me even realized, haha. 

8. Part of Caldera

Another pretty well-spent evening with friends. The venue actually had some great spot to take outfit photos but we didn't really go anywhere further because the security forbid us, and also I wasn't really dressing up. So yeah, just a casual outfit in a casual backdrop in a casual candid pose because I felt a water dropped on my forehead, lol.

More on the outfit photos on; Caldera, She Says.

9.Don't Know What to Title This

I literally don't know what to title and caption this, because I was just putting "💭" as the caption because I got no idea as well when I posted this. I just love this picture. I mean not the Sujan part, but the whole-picture composition to be exact, lol.

This photo was taken at Popo Danes Architect, Denpasar Bali. Yes I went to Bali this year. Indeed one of a tickled-off bucket lists, finally. I haven't yet shared it to social media because I didn't quite find any interesting enough stuff to share, but those which do, I already posted it up on instagram lol. Just wait, I'm on my way editing the photos so it will up on the blog just a few seconds more. I can't help my self not to share the stories behind as well to you guys.

It's not really a milestone, but at least I got to tickle off some of my bucket list. Alhamdulillah. I got to visit Bali's beaches, have fancy dinner at Jimbaran (you know, those fancy dinner by the sea?), buy baju barong and pie susu live in Bali (lol), walk down the downtown of Legian Street Walk and see it by my self Monumen Bom Bali and Sky Garden (duh) and so many other fun experiences in Bali. I'm 100% agree that hospitality by Balinese is just beyond words. I know why I didn't really have the urge to write it up on the blog, because I already write it down and posted it on my Path, lol. I'm gonna take a peek and post it later, I promise haha.


Alhamdulillah finally reached the end of this post haha. 
I think in 2016 I actually got to achieve some milestones and experience some of my first-trying as much as years before, or maybe more. But it doesn't feel like it because I don't know, I don't really feel like it. I mean I actually enjoyed those things, but it actually didn't have a nice intro at the beginning, or some of that is just because it's  not me who's really wanna do it. And to that there's just a bit of regret me doing it. As you could assume, it's me not doing it whole-heartedly. 

I hope the future me really get to do the things I really wanna do so then I could fully enjoyed it my self. You know, those spiritual level when you finally do things you really wanna do? Like the one I got when I went to Merbabu, yeah stuffs like that that I miss the most right now. But doesn't matter. Sometimes we need to do things we don't really wanna do to reach to the part of what we wanted. I just hope my willing, my vision and my doing could really support each others, Amin ya rabb.

*posting it up on every 3 Jan for already 2 years so then the future me could continue this, lol
*this post was actually written on 2 Jan put I put the date on 3 Jan so it could be same as last year, lol

Beyond all the words,
Sincerely, Ela Amna.

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