Friday, December 9, 2016

Lost in Connection

Sometimes, we are just what we are. Looking at the place we are now is not the place we desire should be enough to take as a trigger to aim the future we been seeing. As dream turned to plan, too bad life will always play its role to hold us with obstacles and matters. But the point is that, at least we should know. That sometimes lost is not as great as it sound, but doesn't mean to seem as antoher mischief, as well.

I miss the days when we be the most thoughtful as we were. Those days, we spend writing to pour all the feelings and thoughts away. Too bad, sometimes we lost in connection. When we barely do nothing in real life but yet we didn't write either As cynical as life could be. 

Too bad we skipped November, which in fact abundance little things happened. But the rest, we would just barely remember. And now it's December already. Getting close to the mid of December, and again you will find me mourning about how fast time passes us by. That sometimes I'm glad I'm skipping life, but sometimes I wished I had something done in my hand. Not much as academic goals, or maybe just some thoughtful stuff I know I will gladly be doing.

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