Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Play Date

Another weekend spent going out with friends is indeed one of the best ways to spend weekend, right? Moreover if you live in such urban city when you got cool places (or in this case, cafes and places to eat, lol) to visit every damn time. For me, luckily, who had been spending time in my hometown, happened to have my friend going to visit us while we were still in town. It was on those days when I spent 3 months in Tangerang to do internship, and in the meantime, my friend came and visited us here. lol.

Me, Ira and Sujan
It was my friend, Ira who came all the way from Bekasi to Tangerang all by herself (never-ending applause to this one, lol). At first we were not really sure where to go, since we  had several agenda to do, such as; going to GPS shop to ask about those GPS-tech-related for our boss at office (Duh), and others I was kinda forgot. But finally we decided to go Flavor Bliss to eat ice cream at Patbingsoo, yay! And these were what we ordered.

Mango Patbingsoo, if I'm not mistaken. lol.
and this French Fries and Chicken Wings with mozzarella, I could really cry on.. 😌
Can't hold the excitement! 😅
Double Trouble
Triple the Troble
It was quite a nice weekend one's could ever ask. Catching up with life, catching up with friends despite all those work days one could possibly afford. That in the end of the we could just freshen up and be grateful that at least we got something we could hang on to. 

Yours truly, Ela A.

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