Friday, November 18, 2016

Happiest Leoni 21th!

Happy birthday Leoni! I know this beyond too late, but I think these photos deserve a post on my blog, I know, right?! 😜

Leoni is her name. She actually has birthday on July 25th, but since we already on college break and usually we are back in our hometown already. Then throwing a belated birthday bash is usually our thing for her birthday, haha. She is indeed a generous and kind-hearted person, and to that she deserves everything's the best in the world.

This year we decided to have Mami's (re: Leoni) birthday at Bake It! It's that cozy place to chill that we barely know the place till we saw one of our friends went there. And pretty sure the place and the food are as much as recommended as we would say so!

We prepared the buntings and balloons (occasionally the simple decorations are from our own, but since the place is cozy enough, it helped a lot!). And thanks because we made reservation before, and because it was not on its most crowded hours, we had the best seats and perfect ambiance as well. It feels like the we had the cafe for our very own.

Leoni headed from her internship project site, which that made her only got several minutes to reach out venue (and that's quite overwhelmed, which you could see we made her to pretend that she's surprised instead of us, lol). Despite to that, we wished her a happy birthday and a pretty well-spent afternoon and good laughs either. I just couldn't say it's enough. And also, thank her for the treat! haha

What I ordered was Egg Benedict. Though it doesn't look gonna satisfy your belly, it could prove your thought is wrong.

 Once again Happy Birthday, Mami! May all the wishful thinking may come true as soon as possible and all those positive vibes you give around may come back to you as well! xx

Yours truly, Ela A.

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