Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Night to Remember; (Another) Architecture Makrab.

So long my friend! Being back again after all this time is indeed such a relieve to me. Getting to visit my getaway (re: my personal blog) without having the urge to actually escape from work that should've done instead, really is an ultimate goal for me recently. I mean you know, being back to hometown and enjoying all its privilege  (in which I mean are food and good wifi, Duh)

Today is one of the days I am being determined of posting and updating my blog. You know, I always dedicate my self to the things I love doing, but somehow obstacles may come in the meantime. Meaning that, my college life is yet not yet happens to be oh-so-busy, but in my dorm the internet is such a jerk, and that makes blogging any less come in hand. đŸ˜©

Enough with the life update, here I am going to tell you about my batch's last Makrab. Well you could see on my many posts before this. I always posted it about our Makrab, lol. 

We stayed at Bunda Hana Villa. The Villa it self was enough a nice place to stay in for me. It's a two-story house. The upper floor used for girls room and the lower part used for boys. And there was kitchen and a pretty spacious living room on the upper floor. Oh and don't forget to mention the extra wide yard for us to play or have an outdoor activity together. (and also I was doing some somersault (alias Koprol, there lol).

After we arrived, we were briefed by the committee about what we gonna do and how we gonna spend two days there. It was literally a chill and windy place to be around, I love it. I love Tawangmangu and when the fog comes down to meet us.

It was already evening when we first arrived there, and in the night we just played Werewolves and after that we went on our own. Some went to rest and some went to the terrace to play some mussic or just enjoy the windy and cold weather outside.

Day after that, in the morning we played some games together. We were divided into groups and asked to compete against each other. I'm a bit forget about the games but it was actually fun. And since we did that before breakfast, I decided to take my candy to fill some of the sugar inside. (and went bold for the vampire attack, lol).

And after the games, the took the picture together as the memories of our batch gathered as a "team", since we may not be able to do this when each of us become individually busy. This was not all of us, all of Class of 2013 Architecture UNS, but it was enough for us as long as we have each others. 

Beler Fache
One of the tips of going to Makrab is that: bring your own Pop Mie because nobody else would, lol. No, this was actually a stupid tip. But in case you went hungry yet there's no food to serve or you just run out of snacks, eat Pop Mie! Moreover if you're lucky enough there's a tukang cilok outside your Villa, you could just buy the cilok and place it to your Pop Mie cup. You will enhance you Pop Mie flavor even more (and I have never regret it, lol).

Double the Trouble, personal partner in crime of elactrico.
Oh, and the last one. Picture of me doing stupid pose bc ppl are so stupid you just couldn't get them.
At last, Sayounara! Thanks for scrolling this long! haha

*all pics from Ariani's Cam.
editted by yours truly.
Sincerely, Ela A.