Saturday, October 8, 2016

You Wont Believe Us Anyway


It's that time that you wont believe me, believe on all the things I should've said. No, I might be saying this in a melancholic-dramatic ways ever. But believe me, it's one of those times your heart will melt over people's warmth. That in some ways those are the only things we cherished the most. 

I wont be saying this if it didn't bother me this much, but you know. You will just be glad when you get to gather with people you love most, in this case is friends. Yas indeed, I value friendship many times as I could. People's presence never been such a privilege when they get you. It's just so dearly when your best friends become friends to each others.

You know, you might kind of have best friends from different circle. I mean, high school circle, college circle, or may be just as simple as hang out friends. And for me, it really is a pleasure when people with same ideas get to gather and just talk about our passion. 

Though feelings may change, behavior got confused and mind got tricked, but in a million way there will always be other way around - people you can come back to. The one who's never really change and still can accept each others. Though sometimes its not always seem as genuine but still its the moment of ideas you'll be missed.

Well, might get a little overwhelmed but me, myself indeed think we should hang out much often and brainstorm more. It always a nice chat to have people talking about passion and plans. About how are we gonna do this, you know, just those dreams when you get to meet them suddenly it becomes so clear and... possible? Just tell me, who doesn't love it, when you talked about your dreams and visions and the other person just get it. Well, I'm overwhelmed.

And to that, cheers to those friends. Cheers to thoughtful yet creative-minded, to always support and believe in each others dream, to all the dreams that turns into plans, to visions that should turn into reality, cheer to that. And to that, may all the odds believe in ours. 

Wishful thinking and gratitude
Sincerely by, Ela A.

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