Friday, September 23, 2016


 If karma's on your mind
I need to learn to find 
A new way out of here 
Oh back to where we start 
I feel nothing in my heart 
It's time to disappear

Everytime I, I swear
All I'm supposed to do is be myself
I try to change, but I 
Don't know how 

It's just the way it goes for us right now

I don't want to say goodbye 
'Cause I need you in my life 
Painting pictures in my head 
All the pretty things you said

I don't know what to say, I hear this all the time. If it's ever gonna get in the way.
I'll hide it down below. I like you how you are, doesn't matter if you take it too far.
 It's how we're meant to begin.
Oh, keep me in your flame or burn me it's the same. We're never gonna win

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