Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cafe Visit; DiTriMa Blossom & Chic

Once upon a time in a holiday that was never been any proper holiday, I escaped from my usual daily life to a city named Semarang. In there, I met my family members who had been attending their junior high school reunion which I kind of relish. To them, it's been a very long time to finally reunite after couple of years they have grown to be apart.

But to me, having my self escape to a city I have never been really familiar with its such a relieve to enjoy new adventure. Well, even though it has never been a really adventure, but still, every trip will always got their own stories. And this is just some part I brought home.

Truth to be told, I was that kind of person who is prefer to visit place to place I have never been before. To outdoor places that make me learn something new, or maybe just to experience feelings I have never felt before of going into new strange places. With sun burn, and people, and street food, or maybe new companion we can exchange mind with. That is the lovely part of adventure should be. 

But since going to this city, for me to meet my family members, and since I'm still too little  to be in charge (of ...even... my self), I just followed somebody who was in charge of our sake here. And to that, means the oldest adult of the family member. It was lovely though, but also sucks; to have this kind of ungrateful soul inside you who complains much instead of just being grateful.

But no I don't mean it, I was just being grumpy and I hate that; for not being grateful. hiks.
Long story short, we strolled around the town to find cool places the natives usually hangout to. And we made our first stop to Toko Oen; which I didn't record much because the camera battery was out.

Till the next day we went to visit this chic cafe owned my one my aunty's friend; it's DiTriMa Blossom and Chic. The concept of the cafe was really chic and cute, I don't get it. Its one of the places you would die for. We visited the cafe on its day off so we didn't really get to taste the menu. But here's the glimpse of the cute and chic cafe I'm telling you; 

Feels like every corner of this place is truthfully an Instagram-worthy, and though really photogenic. 
And besides, they also had boutique on the upper floor that means they also sells clothes and other fashion items. Oh and also the ceramics tea set I was showing you on the first photo, they sell it too.

It was a nice visit though, the cafe was too cute to resist. But for me personally, I'm not so sure myself if I might visit them again anytime soon because it's just waaay too far from where I based. I would prefer have this kind of cafe located near me, both Solo or Tangerang which would make it way more lovely to take a visit though. 

And to that, this is me personally write it.
Your truly, Ela.


  1. We should arrange trip to semarang someday before our last semester begin (sebelum skripsian) wkwk