Saturday, June 4, 2016

Summing Up May

How was your May?

Well, I just realize that we are already in the month of June, like Yay! My favorite month is finally here! then I scrolled my blog page, and find that at the very exact date of month before this, I was writing quite similar thought that sadly, now has never came
across my mind. That thing is, about how the way I spent my last week of that month (in the beginning of May I told you already about how end of April scratching yet pleasant memory to my life time), then like lightning, I'm quite thinking, how come the last week of May went quite unwell and unpleasant, to leave such terrible memory, this year, this time. 

End of May, I'd say, still so many things to catch up. I went quite a bit late in the pace and found a lil struggle to keep up with the life pace, but now that we are getting into June, I think I am so ready of new month and new mood. 
But the thing that saddens me, is that, how come May just pass without me noticing. lol. Well, may be some part of me regret it, but the other part of me kind of relieved that I got to skip May, eventually. Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive. (hmm, even though there will be still so many things to seize, pff) 

Words I'd love telling my self is that, it's okay to live such insignificant days but to be able to maintain healthy mind and live life to the fullest are yet your main prior. Till then, do as your heart says, do your very best, and let God, or time or anything prove that what you are doing will eventually be okay, not to anyone but you, at the first place.

And for now, I'd say Alhamdulillah, yet still Bismillah. May Allah guide our way and take the rest that is beyond our control. We just gotta do our very best, and let Allah do the rest. We still got so many things to do, yet things to struggle for. Your crop will not ripe yet, but at least you know, your hard work will never betray you. So, it's very okay to work hard and get tired as long as you are doing your best and beeee. ikhlas, insya Allah.. :)

Don't forget to smile, and be happy, and do the things that please you that you know will contribute to your future, that your future you will thank you later. Don;t forget to work your ass off, yet don't forget not to complain because negativity just leads you nowhere. till then, I hope I would thank my self later.

So tell me, how was your May then?

Sincerely, Ela.

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