Friday, June 17, 2016

Silly Thing to Cherish (and yeah, I'm back!)

Yaaay! Finally I can enjoy surfing on the internet without having so much to worry about and of course; to struggle about!
Things been crazy this week, many deadlines got postponed, and the worst part is, internet in my area is more-often making me even more stressed out. Of course, I kept complaining about it, I thought it was because of the internet connection was just being literally sucks (or may be it was because of the weather or etc etc which I didn't exactly know at the moment). But things just got worse because, it has been days I couldn't even use my internet properly, and more over, this browser on my laptop has been very disturbing by keep popping out ads. While again, I thought it was coming from the website (which was youtube at that moment), became very annoying bc of adding ads to its page, or may be the internet provider just did so, popping out ads to its customer's use of internet in order to gain more money, I honestly got no idea.
Until I asked one of my friends about what happened to my laptop. My laptop has been sick before all this, but thanks to him (my friend), it once got better. But this time its just again being such a mess. We have uninstalled so much unused apps (or some are known as malware) in my laptop. It did get better, but not in my favorite web browser, which in fact is Google Chrome. yeah, Chrome sucks. It just wont heal by it self. After we uninstalled such malwares, the browser does get better by not again redirecting to random pages I don't even willing to open. But, the slooow....... page loading through Chrome, I just can't handle it no more. It gives me bad mood every time, hiks.
Then my friend suggested me to use Internet Explorer instead, and yeah! It works! Internet Explorer dooooes work much faster loading the page instead of my sick Chrome. :(
at first I was kinda
 "yeah, okay, I will use IE instead of Chrome, but all my favorite sites and etc etc are still remained in Chrome, how am I gonna pass this... :("
but then... it was again going all okay, I think? lol haha yeah, so this is me, with the excitement of fast internet connection I've been dreaming of after all this week. I know, its just sucks to dream of such fast internet connection, but believe me, it makes you cherish fast internet connection even better than anything, haha.. :'')
Meh, Elactrici.

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