Sunday, June 26, 2016

June is Always The Sweetest

my my my birthday treat!
My favorite date of the year is finally here, 26 June. As always, I always get excited about it. Excited of the birthday greetings and also treats. But yet, I found my self mourning because I just realize that I lost another year that I hope didn't go to waste.
This post supposedly be cheerful and exciting, but looking at the situation, honestly I don't know what to feel. But then, let's forget about it for a moment and let's talk about how my birthday blast going today!

Well, the surprise it self had been held earlier by friends at Thursday night, when we were about to do our ifthar together as our last break-fasting together before us going back home. I was excited yet sad because I know, last only means goodbye. Yeah, I know, even though it was only temporary goodbye, but still. 

They intended to held such an early surprise because my friends would already be back home the time I had my actual birthday, but it's okay. So yeah, as you can guess, I spent my (actual) birthday here alone at my rent room. I do feel pathetic about it, but I don't want to pity my self and even more mourn about it. It's useless and only makes you sad, so I think better not.

And yeah, I arrived at the cafe and found cakes, candles and balloons already set up, look at my happy face haha. 

Terima kasih gengso! Muchos gracias!
Terima kasih banyak surprise nya, I really couldn't put it into words of how happy and grateful I am, with you guys again this year celebrating my birthday. This year I'm turning 21, sometimes sounds too old to be young again but sometimes, hey it's just a number, and more, 21 is just the beginning of your 20-ish year period, so don't worry much. Still got so many goals to achieve, goals to aim and dreams to come to reality. What matters now is that how much effort you put on turning your dream into reality, eh.

Semangat elssss......


  1. Happy birthday!!! Semangat semangat besok pulaaaang!

    1. thank youuu!
      hahaha I know, I just spent the whole day sleeping bc I don't know what else to do, lol.

  2. yeayyyy, glad you like the not-so-surprise surprise haha. sedih tau lo di solo sendirian :( maap ninggalin duluan. yang penting nanti kita ketemu lagi yesss