Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kind of Cultural Night on My Campus

Our friends from Papua New Guinea showing us their culture. :)
Yaaay! Here's finally the post I long to post haha yeah, as I say in my many previous posts that indeed last week of April was kind of hectic but extremely fun one. And one of them is this, finally UNS Cultural Night! UNS Cultural Night it self is an event held by UNS International Office, recruiting students of UNS to volunteer holding the event with our foreign students performing their country's cultural sights, start from stage act to culinary. 

I don't know why but cultural things always get me excited, I think it merely because of that we got to perceive from their sight, take a bit living in their way and finally get to understand each other. Through accepting diversity we can finally learn something new, especially in the way we live, from here to people from different side of world, and somewhat that sounds exciting because indeed I always intend to try living on the other side of the world. :')

Back to the event it self, I already got my ticket from presale-1 because I was just that eager to, lol. But sadly, the presale-1 only last 3 minutes because the tickets were already sold out, I just didn't get enough time to buy it for my friends. Luckily, they got it eventually. Even though our seats were separated but it think it was okay as long as we headed there together haha. 

Opening Act from Indonesia (IKAMALA)
Lampung Traditional dance

Poetry from our friends from Greece :)
guys from Timor Leste :o

our Japanese friend performing Javanese and Japanese traditional dance
our Master of Ceremony, from Mozambique (guy) and Malaysia (lady)
winners of culinary festival and fashion show.
Vietnam for culinary
Timor Leste for male fashion show
and Mexico for female fashion show
And here there are, I am welcoming you my favorite part besides culinaryyyy hahaha. It's meeting them, getting to know them to finally taking pictures together. haha. Well, the last part may sound creepy, I know. But to finally get to know them, I'm a bit overwhelmed haha

All I can say about the event it self that honestly it was one of the best nights that will remain in my lifetime memory. I really love it how this event bring us the enthusiasm of learning new cultures and acknowledge diversity. Even though, the foreign students may seem not really giving maximum effort to some stage acts but the whole event eventually gave you nice feeling to occupy your abundance of curiosity about cultures, though. haha.

sincerely and honestly written 
by yours truly, Ela Amna

ps: I'm start to notice my page view starts to grow and even come from countries besides Indonesia, and for that I want to thank you, whoever loyal enough to stay tune on this page. hahaha. I'm actually making this page my personal journal to be honest, as I'm only human who love to leave prints. but if you enjoy as I always intend to make this page more useful to whoever reading this, I'd love to hear some of you! please leave prints below on the comment section and let me know!
it's always nice talking to you, though! :)

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