Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Green Architecture Outing Class to Rumah Turi, Solo


last week was pretty a busy week, but we all had fun and it was nice. on Wednesday 27 April, we had Outing Class from Green Architecture subject. This outing class it self had been planned by our lecturer and class coordinator and some of the students, with the intention so we could learn about Green Architecture directly from the field.

at first we had Alana Hotel and Rumah Turi because they were the nearest green buildings around town, but Alana Hotel was not yet publicly opened, so we had a difficulty to have the permission. Then we chose Rumah Turi as our subject learning.

I had structure class in the morning, but as always I was late but it was okay. I was still able to sign my presence list.Green Architecture itself was usually scheduled on Wed 12.30 pm, but because this time we had it in Rumah Turi, the event it self started at 11 am. We departed from campus around 10.30 am and arrived at around 11 am.

the Aula as gathering space
Rumah Turi itself is a boutique hotel owned by Pak Paulus and designed by Tim Tiga Architecture. Mas Norman as the representation from Tim Tiga was there either to explain us about the design processes and the essentials of Rumah Turi.

before we started looking around Rumah Turi, our lecture opened the class and we were briefed concerning our activity that day. and after that we divided based on our classes and we started to analyse the building and tour around, ya ya ya..

bridge that connects the buildings.
the roof is already fragile but it was okay.

rows of pots as double skin to the building

green roof to prevent heat and also as act of green

artificial rain to keep the ambiance humid and plants stay green
we can already see from so many aspects that Rumah Turi is indeed a green building, regarding that they already use so many greens (re;plants) to enhance the building's life. Start from using so many plants as natural cooling down temperature system and also green roof to prevent heat. and also the plants are those herbal plants that could be used as medicine or other useful plants, such as zodia & akar wangi as mosquitoes repellent (remember that if there's lots of plants means mosquitoes are always there too).

oh and also, the artificial rain, I guess who doesn't love the sound of rain? yeah, it was my other favorite part of the building besides the photogenic corners it has. I was worried that they may be wasting waters for only watering the plants, but guess what, its a recycled water so we just don't have to worry about wasting water. the water always recycled, waste water from house holds and bathroom are filtered through and then used to water the plants and toilets flush. 

The hotel's second floor corridor

my not so group member

tired of wandering around
besides it was in the middle of the day in green building
which barely use air conditioner like any ordinary hotel haha :'')
done wandering around the we got our lunch break and ate our free lunch! yay! ke Rumah Turi cuma inginkan makanan... :'''')
I was so stuffed but we got to continue the event. we held back to the aula and continued having discussion with Mas Norman from Tim Tiga Architecture. I was appointed to be the notulent of the event, to note about the discussion and etc. 

and after that we were just done aaaand allowed to get back home. but before that we were able to take last pictures of Rumah Turi before we all got back.

the perks of having a photographer friend, thanks Sujan!

Sincerely the Architecture Student
Ela Amna

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