Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Annual Kartini Day 2016

as I said in my previous post on this, that on Tue 26, to celebrate this year's Kartini Day we got our batch to wear our Batik and Kebaya together to campus. and still the same like years before, we got to take picture of us and what special this year is just because we are all still get the spirit to just together being in campus despite there's no such special Kartini Day event on campus from our student council's department...

the fact the older we get, it would be harder for us to just come to campus even if there's classes to attend. so then I really appreciate for those who attend class and wait till noon not to go back just for this taking picture all together for our batch, till then before we all graduate together haha :')

lastly, there were Pak Upoq and Pak Made joining our boys taking pictures together. :)

looking back at last year Kartini Day, that it is both calming yet troubling, the fact that nothing really changed within a year. but then, I think it's okay to wear same outfit as long as you are improving inside. lol.

I hope, despite the fact that we will be graduating soon, our friendship will not go in vain because admit it or not, I was really delighted and grateful to know each one of you and struggle together in this architecture life archi student would have.. :)

sincerely, Ela A.

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