Monday, April 25, 2016


here's the song to accompany, Sleepyhead by Passion Pit because I am now sleepy af... :'

I just got back home, thinking about things I should've been doing instead. but I'm okay, I just waited for my laundry to be soaked and had this song accompanies me. Many thoughts including assignments been wandering my mind recently, but I'm glad today was just another one fine Monday I could ever ask. and I'm sleepy with my sober mind thinking about both assignments and life, and how I missed somebody right now.

today was fine, had my self skipped my morning class because I was barely motivated and in the moment I barely lose my respect over my mentor because of what happened last week, but it was okay, I was just.... barely motivated. the class supposed to be taking a day in the campus, yes, the subject is Studio 5. from 8 am to 4 pm straight in the studio, but I skipped the morning part and had my self attended from the noon. my mentor was out because she had to lecture another major, then she got back at the evening. we discussed a bit about our site plan model at the hall because the studio already closed. (i know, poor our campus, lol :()

then after that, we just took a group photo together and the discussion was quite fun tbh. I love when my mentor being like this, it was lovely when she was utterly nice like this. :)

after that we were allowed to go home and continue our works, but before that, me and my group mate went grabbing out dinner because we were already hungry. we went to Sego Pedes, located nearly in Manahan. the concept was like any other angkringan cafe in Solo, but since it was new so it was nice to visit. after eating our dinner, we played Werewolves and the game waaaasss fun! i like it. we talked much, laughed much till I was exhausted but it was fun!

and right now, I'm just here. recalling all those good memories with half my consciousness and sober mind, trying to find out how blissful it was today, that all I got to say is just Alhamdulillah. :)

I supposed to continue my work on Research Methodology subject, when we are asked to make a concept book out of our design until chapter 4, and I'm just here being sleepy af already. I don't exactly know what to do except what my heart tells me, which is here, being on my blog and writing such unnecessary notes about what happened today. but most important of it, how I felt about today. Er, I'm having my headache again, after long time. why can't I do all things with eyes closed? My eyes are so heavy but my mind and my body still got to and want to do all this crazy stuffs all again. so many to do, the important to the unnecessary ones I love the most, or the things I just have to do...... like laundries? ummm...

I talked too much already. my point is, I just wanted to say, that I'm beyond grateful for today. to have such lovely group mates, and good mood mentor, and people to chat with, have fun with, and struggle with, and also those who took you home safely. somebody to miss, and somebody who's always annoyed and calling you sleepyhead because you are sleepyhead af.

 just, Alhamdulillah.... :)

sincerely, Ela.

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