Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cafe Visit; Iki Kopi Coffee Shop

When things were not yet all messed up, we still got time to play around and fool around before things get serious. We are never been a freak for coffee, but friends of ours been nagging my play mate to go to his (not so brand-newly opened) coffee shop. Iki Kopi.

Iki Kopi, means Ini Kopi (in Indonesia), and This is Coffee (in English).
Iki is a javanese laguage for 'This is'
I have never really curious about the philosophy behind it's name, until actually now. lol. :l

Located at Yosodipuro street (near Solo Pers Monument), this Iki Kopi Coffee Shop is quite a cozy place to me. Either cozy to just hang out and have a nice chat or even cozy to work on our school assignments (ok. college life, ikr).

Since I'm not really a coffee freak, I ordered what I usually did, a caramel frappucino. This time I prefer hot because it was already night when we get there, (and I just don't think iced beverages is compatible to night ambiance, lol)

I was so glad we were not really on deadline pressure that day, so that none of us would stress over and bring our assignment wherever we go. We just had a really nice chat and laugh accompanied by a well set ambiance and also tasty coffee and snacks! haha

I had my caramel frap, while Ira got a matcha latte and Sujan got taro latte. While then, Leoni got double shots of espresso, which kind of wow to me, haha. Ikbar also got us a manual brewed Javanese Coffee (or else I kinda forgot the name?) and it tasted, also strange to me haha but it was okay! :D

Here I am, introducing you to our brand new Iki Kopi's barista, lol.
us with the owner (or..?) of Iki Kopi, yay!
Let's say we had a good time back then in Iki Kopi, (which in fact we honestly did, haha) I would have my self go back there again just to enjoy the coffee and the ambiance again. Even though I am not really a coffee geek but, as a ordinary person I could also decide whether it's a well-served and tasty coffee or not, which the one Iki Kopi had is a "I would go back there again" kind of statement to me. haha.

Sincerely, Ela Amna

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