Monday, December 14, 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons,

When life gives you lemons,
made lemonade anyway.

this just another spontaneous post, I'm telling you.
it's again those times when you wanted to post anything so bad but life doesn't seem to agree and be interesting enough at the moment bc again college routine (deadlines, of course). so instead, gonna tell you not-so-necessary things I've been up to anyway, as always..

the second thing that been taking my mind these past recent days is thisss subject, Studio Design 4!
we are commanded to design building in this subject, both from the concept and even the details of it. yeah sure, why not. but honestly, I still confuse my self of what am I gonna do with my building. I still wanna add cute things to its design but theennn it's gonna be far from the concept, and either, I still get jealous or more precisely anxious that lot of my friends could do a lot more better than me while me here still confusing stupids stuffs, I know.

just thennn, I have never intended to compare my self with anyone else, it just sometimes saddens me how anybody else could do better, I mean, if they are able then I should probably do too. but may be I am again just a sloth well-being, lol.

I was extremely satisfied at the first time, but seeing I am recently doing no progress, yet again saddens me. lol. *sobs*

so, what's the first thing that been taking my mind these past recent days?
I betttt I shouldn't really brag about it since it has stresses me enough, I honestly didn't really find my self enjoy doing that (even though bigger part of me still do), but still, you know that brain-tiredness that made you couldn't even enjoy life? I know that sucks so much, but still... :''')

here again I found my self whining. promise you, I'm trying my best not to, but sometimes whining is okay I think, it makes you human somehow, as long as you're not being disturbing, lol :''')

but good news, everybody!
through all this sour lemons, God eventually gave me a sweet one.

sincerely, Ela.

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