Tuesday, November 17, 2015

School Girl Kind of Look

What I Wore Today X Weird Pose I Did For A Survey Photo
this picture was taken half-candidly, when I was trying to pose so silly but candid but it turned out to be a model pose instead lol and honestly this photo isn't about me but the pipe shaft behind me.

see what I wore today, I'm loving my outfit today as I was wearing my soft pink polkadot shirt paired with my thin pink polkadot daisy sweater as the outer, and I'm loving it even more because the colors however matched! haha

even though in the morning the weather was still so human-friendly but in the afternoon it turned to be that kind of hot again, but I'm okay, I was just sweating.. :'')

and the sandals? please pardon the sandals, it actually was not part of the look of the day, I honestly wore my floral shoes but when this photo was taken, I was doing a survey to UNS student dormitory and I was borrowing my friend's sandals (he stays in the dormitory) because I was so lazy to wear shoes, lol. and yes, that is how this photo was born.

Pink Polkadot Shirt by Annisa
Daisy Sweater by Tex Ladies
Black Trousers by Hermes
Sandals by Luofu (Idang's, LOL)
Glasses by Rayban

okay is not okay?
sincerely, Ela A.

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