Saturday, November 14, 2015

Recap of All Things Happened During Oh-So-Hiatus

Hiiii! Saturday night! Free time finally! :D

I am literally and honestly and truthfully sorry for my infrequency of posting stuff and telling you all the things that been wandering my mind on those periods when I'm away..

so, this week (and weeks before) was kind of that busy but you're not literally busy because all you got to do are school work you didn't really love to do and stuffs.

till then, where do I start?
just let me check my photos folders! hahhaah

Malam Keakraban S-Tech 2015 (Makrab)
S-Tech is basketball club in my engineering faculty, and me and my friends are the managers for this year's stewardship.
I was busy for being part of management team of Malam Keakraban that was held on 24-25 Oct 2015 if I'm not mistaken. it was on Saturday and Sunday, last week on October. it was kind of hectic because we got to prepare all the things by our selves since we are the committees but then all the hard work were paid off because the kids, the participants were all enthusiastic and that was just kind of a big relieve.

till then, two weeks after we held Makrab, our club got to be the committee of basketball competition between majors on our faculty (Antar-Jurusan), that is a part of INSTING event. we, S-Tech managers and members got to control the match on the field, so some of us got to be on the table (to fill the score sheet and be the time keeper), to be the referee and to be the commentator also, lol, but not really. till then, it was such a big game because this event is a faculty event and it held for about a month, the whole November, every Monday to Friday, but basketball competition was held on the first and third week of Nov. so yeah, first big week has alhamdulillah passed. (Nov 2 - Nov 7)

TILLL THEEENNN ON THE HECTICNESS OF BEING AN INSTING COMMITTEE, that weeekkkkk, yeesss that weeekkk!!!! me and my other two friends (Sujan & Ira) were joining a saman traditional dance club and on that weekend we got to perform our dancing while we were being the committee of events that held every evening after we finish school (school that starts at 8 am) at 3 pm, then we got to insting that finish at dusk anddddd after that we still have to practice saman on the night. i know, hectic at the most times right. ain't nobody got time for school work, lol.
i was kind of being on the verge of defeat, but i know i'm not going through this all alone, so i just gotta chill and do what i mostly could do.
so yes, hard time passed and we perform quite radically good on the night (Nov 7). alhamduliilah :D

Afternoon Talkshow w Lucedale
I know, I know, me and my friends had been losing sleep and all tired, but WHAT? most favorite female fashion blogger IS IN THE TOWN?! well, i bet who would really give up for that, lol.
actually me and my friends had bought the tickets long before all this hectic things happened, so it was kind of a remedy (or may be sweetness in the end?) for us for what's been happening that week haha

Super November 2015
and todaaayyy (Nov 14)I just came back to my rent-room after today we, kids from Interest and Talent Department of HMA Vastu Vidya held such an event called Super November. what in the world is Super November? well, wait on my next post yas :p

well, full stories and photos are gonna be here SOON! so stay tune! haha :D
yours truly, Ela A.

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