Saturday, November 14, 2015

Malam Keakraban S-Tech 2015!

like I'm telling you beforeee, several weeks ago I was busy doing stuffs, one of them was being the committee of Malam Keakraban S-Tech 2015! honestly, it was not really that hectic at the first time besides that we were rarely got proper meeting because we got busy on our own stuffs (oh-so-stuffs), we have never really thought about it that well until H-1, lol. but no, not really i think. I mean, we get busy but we were still thinking about it even though we were not frequently holding meetings, but still, enough weren't just enough. we asked the seniors about things and turned out we still got so many things to do. and frankly, my love, the meeting finished at midnight and we got a unfortunate event. so we delayed our things to do in the morning and at the afternoon we departed to Tawangmangu.

After we arrived at the Villa, me and my committee friends directly set up the place and unload the stuffs we brought. after that, we just waited for the kids to come, then did the briefing for what we were going to do in that 2 days at the Villa.

After the short break, we got to do the ice-breaking games! yay!
First game! Blowing Tissues! (Tiup Tissu!)
in this game the participants have to blow the tissue and pass it to their friends so then the tissue can reach the finished line. the tissue must not touch the ground! you can't use your hands but you can use your body parts. lol

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Second Game! Karet Kimpeng!
in this game, the participants were given straws to each person and a rubber! the rubber must be passed to then finally reached the last person in the group that is already on the finished line! yay!

Third yet Last Game! AYAM? IYOY?
so this time, the kids were divided in two groups to them fighting against the other group.
but no, don't be ridiculous, we were not asking them to get all bruised because on this game, each person has to fold their leg and all they have to do is having person from the other group to fall or be out of line, by what? just by pushing them around with your one leg and bare-foot! hahaha lol
this was so hilarious, i just couldn't help it. XD

Abis itu kita photo-photo deh haahaha

Done the ice-breaking games, we took a break for us to take a bath and just chill while waiting for adzan magrib. after that we prayed magrib and isya together, and finally got to have our dinner hahaha and then we gathered in the guest room.

in the guest room, we talked about S-Tech, again introducing the people and the club to the new comers then the new comers introduced their selves. then we asked them to fill the questioners that contains about questions of their knowledge about basketball.

Done gathered and talked things, we have corns to burn! yay, bakar-bakaran. even though not all the people tasted and burned the corns but at least we provided it hahaha and honestly at this time i was escaping to our room to then overslept my self, well, even though not too long but that sleep startle me and it felt like i've had enough sleep hahaha lol, no i'm joking.

till then we were all tired and finally off to beeeed (well, it's me actually)


weeeee woke up early in the morning to pray subuh and not again be back to sleep, so we woke up the kids and do the SENAM! though they all were still sleepy but we forced them not to! hahaha each person had to come front to do the move so the rest could follow, and here they are, all were weird af hahaha

After the freaky yet fun gymnastic times, we were taking a short break to eat snack the committee been providing such as molen :3 and ubi and jagung sisa semalem, lol (jagungnya direbus).

then we were moving to the next BIG GAMES!
first things first, the kids were again divided to two group so they could play defeating each others. each groups had to make a group slogans as password to enter each posts that been made by the committee lol.

First Post! Estafet Tali. lol
you all know that right? this is so funny i think i couldn;t explain it no more, lol.

Second Post! Apa ya lupa .-.
Kayaknya sih Kopi Pait, dan memang dikasihnya kopi, lol.
so in this post, the kids had to shut their eyes and face the back side of their friends, and drink the liquid without knowing what it was, lol. suprise!

This was so hilarious looking at how the kids react to each others lol

Third Post! Mangan Keyupuk!
at this post, the kids had to hold the kerupuk, but wait! the kerupuk they were holding was not the one for them, it was for the person behind/beside them, lol. its like estafet eating the kerupuk, but you have to eat yours while holding the other's, and that would be hard because people move too much! hahaha

Makan neh punya U cendili, W capai!

Fourth Post! Estafet Bola Pingpong!
the kids got to pass the pingpong ball to the last person on the finish line BY throwing the ball while the one back of them got to catch it using plastic bucket! and it was a bit hard to do because the ball keep bouncing high bc of the plastic material lol.

FIFTH a.k.a FINAL POST! Paraleonnn!
jadi disini, mereka disuruh mengisi paralon sampai bola pingpong yang ada di dalamnya terbuang ke luar saat paralonnya sudah penuh, dengan paralon yang sudah dilubangi dan mereka harus menutup lubang itu sampai air di dalam paralon penuh dan bolanya bisa ke luar! hahahaha ini lucu banged :''')

setelah selesai, Rangga kemarin habis ulang tahun, jadi dia diceburin ke kolam ikan. lol

dan kita foto!

Capai main, kita mandi dan makan pagi, setelah itu kita siap-siap buat siang nanti check-out!

Salam Kompak dari S-Tech 2015!
Selamat datang di S-Tech Basketball!

best regards, Ela A.

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