Saturday, November 14, 2015

INSTING 2015 (Still on Going)

till then, two weeks after we held Makrab, our club got to be the committee of basketball competition between majors on our faculty (Antar-Jurusan), that is a part of INSTING event. we, S-Tech managers and members got to control the match on the field, so some of us got to be on the table (to fill the score sheet and be the time keeper), to be the referee and to be the commentator also, lol, but not really. till then, it was such a big game because this event is a faculty event and it held for about a month, the whole November, every Monday to Friday, but basketball competition was held on the first and third week of Nov. so yeah, first big week has alhamdulillah passed. (Nov 2 - Nov 7)

This event is still on going, so you better stay tune!
these photos are only from week I of INSTING 2015 :p


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