Sunday, November 15, 2015

Afternoon Talk with Claradevi from Lucedale

I mean who doesn't love it? to finally meet the person who's been inspiring you for these past recent years? lol

Myself, was kind of surprised the first time I know that Claradevi from Lucedale would come visit the town for an Afternoon Talk on your favorite bazaar in the town! yay, that is Hello Market Solo!

me and my friends always love it to visit Hello Market because they kind of having so much things to offer during bazaar and they all come in the very affordable price! but still, this time I didn't bring my self a thing to bring home, lol. :P

So! Clara Devi, who is she? well you all could read it by yourself in her blog, tbh.
but because I'm kind and nice af, I'm gonna give you hints;

Claradevi Handriatmadja is the author of LUCEDALE, a personal blog about daily inspirations and indie-lifestyle. She's also an enterpreneur and currently focusing on building her vintage-inspired clothing brand, BONVIEUX, that has been established since 2010. She graduated with a degree of Political and Social Science in 2013, and had experienced working in Creative Agency (Human Agency Japan - as Junior Creative Planner), National Television (Metro TV Jakarta - as News Production Staff), National Radio Station (PRAMBORS Radio - as Junior Part-Time Announcer) previously. Now she works from her studio in Palmerah, Jakarta, running the family business and her full-time blogging job. She's a 1989 born Indonesian from half Chinese / Javanese descendants. Her hometown is the artsy little city called Jogjakarta, before her family moved to Jakarta during her college years. Her days are mainly filled with making designs for her shop, writing her book debut, taking photographs, preparing her indie-magazine projects and trying to get as much sleep as she can.
-- Quoted from Clara's About Page 

Yes, I think you'll have a little vision about how she is.
Me, myself, honestly have been having her as my personal influence in daily life, esp in the way I dress my self to college. you all could ask my friends how often I say "udah kayak Lucedale belom?" lol.

I just don't know since when and how I started to realize that I love vintage look that much, but one thing I remember when I first watched Love Rain (korean love story drama), and I saw Yoona wore that kind of dresses every time she went to college, and I was like, "I'm gonna be like that when I'm in college later" lol. I know, weird desire, but it's true.

I just don't know since when I just started to be brave enough doing it, and since when I have skirts lol. and it's just amazing how little things could inspire you so much and how people with same preference on the internet could affect the way you behave in life haha
but I think, as long as the effect is positive I think, I am all good. :)

Taraaa! this is the super charming and inspiring girl I'm talking about! Claradevi Handriatmadja!
on that Afternoon Talkshow, the host asked every thing we audience really wanted to hear and know about this girl, and she answered it and told us about everything so kindly and openly and that is just heart-warming, however. she told us about how she manage to have such blog that she first started when she was still in college, how passionate she is with photography and how she loves writing about her personal thoughts on her blog that she finds it a bit annoying that her blog turned to be a commercial one, and that it's just.... make me wanna be more like it someday. I just find it that we are quite similar one way or another, even though I know, we all bloggers are facing the same things, right haha

but what I love about her is that, the way she is really passionate and working hard on things she believe in. the way she loves writing about life that somehow would inspire others to be better, the way she loves taking pictures and the way she loves vintage things, and that are just how I think things about her that resemble a bit about me. hahaha.

Photo Session!
aaaaaaaaaand... awkward oops..
Mooi: "Halo kak Claraa.." /salaman  //cipika cipiki
Claire: "Haaai, kalian kok cantik sekali sih"
Mooi: "Hehehehhee..."
Claire: "Kok tangan kamu dinginnnn?"
Mooi: "Iyaaa.. soalnya aku suka kakak banged...."
            "..............Hehehehehhehehehehehe."    .____.
//////I know awkward things to say, right, but I was that speechless but I really wanted her to know that I love her, both personality and persona that much haha////////
but still, I still can't get over how I sound too gay that time. lol.

Squad Goals! 8-)
Ela, Claire, Ira, Sujan

Yayness, thank God that Sunday was kind of the blessings after all those hectic things that have happened for like a week straight! and that Sunday was really a sweetness in the end for us.

#sundayisfine ~

your truly, Ela A.

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