Monday, May 11, 2015

Road Trip Experience!

hiii mi fella!
here you go again!
this chance i'm gonna tell you about my very first road rip experience i have gotten so far!

so May 6th, my family in Tangerang were having their days off so they decided to visit our other families in another provence. and lovely, they stopped by at Solo in the night and stayed at hotel in the city, then i joined them in the morning! haha

i went from my rent room at 8 in the morning then i ate breakfast at the hotel and that was oh so yumm. happy tummy for anak kosan hehe :3 
((oh my God please don't mention that i skipped my classes during these periods haha))
and after that i decided to give my day awaaay! 
yay i decided to join them instead of going classes haha please pardon my bad habit!

first day Celfie!

at Day One,
we were heading to Madiun to visit our grandparents there, and my uncle decided to take the Mt. Lawu road! thruthfuly, there were roads to choose but my uncle chose the mountain road instead, and i loved it! we passed Tawangmangu, and the fog was going down there. you can see that we could barely seen anything there, and our maximum distance to look was just about 5 meters, and it was terrifying if you are riding a car, but though, it was lovely to see! the feeling is just so amazing, it's like we touched the clouds that's going down, a bit surreal haha

arrived in Madiun, we went straight to grandparents house. played there and had chat for quite long time, then we went for some meal in the twilight. we went eating Nasi Pecel 99, nasi pecel is one of Madiun's famous dishes.. and they are surely undoubted!

before the night went darker, after finished eating then we went back to Solo because we haven't checked out yet at the hotel, and in there we already booked for 2 days, so it might be so unwise to make it come to waste.

at Day Two,
we decided to visit my uncle in Ponorogo! we were taking different roads from yesterday, i didn't really recognize but this day's road felt so much hotter that yesterday haha

The Mr. (Ex) President Satay!
this is what's famous from Ponorogo besides its Reog, The President's Satay!
well, that's not actually the name though haha this Sate Ponorogo H. Turki is Mr. President's favorite, either SBY and Jokowi, and else... what so ever, yang penting enyak.. haha

then after shalah Maghrib, we went to the City Park a.k.a Alun-Alun Kota Ponorogo! Yay!
it was only weekday but it was enough to be called crowded. we took pictures and rode the delman lampu around the park hehe in there we also looked how people ngasah their Batu Bacan hahaha

then at night we stayed at Aston Madiun with its beautiful night scenery with city light around the city.. yeay. the hotel was new so it was really comfortable staying there. the room, the service, the scenery and the price, they were all sort of nice, imo...

City Light with Moon

they see me rollin, they hatin, no lol
someone caught me sight-seeing haha

kamar mandinya porno euy, pake kaca gitu jadi dari dalam bisa lihat ke luar dan dari luar bisa lihat ke dalam. ada tirainya, sih. tapi tetep aja kalau mandi jadi was-was takut jadi silhouette haha

scenery in the noon

Day Theree!
heading to Semarang! from Madiun to Semarang took a long time because they were far either, so then, as i remember, we spent the day on the road that day, but that was fine! on some streets there was an accident so the road was kind of jammed, but thank God we didn't really need to pass through that . we reached Semarang at already midnight, so we went straight to the hotel and checked in but the hotel service was EXTREMELY unsatisfying yet the building and the room were either uncomfortable. yes, we were staying at Aston Semarang, but the service and everything else was so contrast, i my self, still don't get it also.

the plug over my head in Aston Semarang,
 OMG i bisa bisa kesetrum hiks

Day Four,
we went to my Budhe's house in Semarang to pay a visit and also... do the laundry.. hehe we chatted and ate and i helped my aunt do the drying with my cousins haha then at the evening we went straight to the way back to Tangerang, but still, pay a visit to Cirebon first before!

so here you go again road trip again! we arrived at Cirebon for like 10 oe 11 pm, and it was Saturday night either. we decided to stay at Aston Cirebon and thank God they heal our anxiety over Aston hotels. Aston Cirebon was much better than Aston Semarang, but still my favorite is Aston Madiun. but Aston Cirebon has uniqe design & concept though!

but when we arrived, we parked at the basement and there was no elevator there, so we had to carry our baggage through the stairs to the ground floor, and the bad news is, the elevator was not staight viewed from the stairs, up in front of the stairs was the hotel Club which made it even awkward for me to pass through poeple who had dressed up so nice and so ready to club while me and my family just arrived with our so tiresome face and else haha but what i don't like about it, is just, that those people DID take a strange look over us which made it so much uncomfortable and just you know, i just don't like it.

so then, good night!

Day Five,
we enjoyed the breakfast in the morning, it was Sunday and the hotel's restaurant was so crowded, i don't know. then in the afternoon we went delivering me to Stasiun Kejaksan Cirebon for me to finally head back to Solo to finally facing reality again hiks btw we went there by the hotel's shuttle bus and that was an okay service, loved it haha 

as i dropped off on the train station, my family went off again with the hotel's shuttle to deliver another passenger while they were having a city tour. as i was heading back to Solo, my family head back to Tangerang that day. but i didn't know if they were visiting families in Majalengka or nah before that..

then yeah, that was the end of the road trip journey but i'm grateful for everything!
for me finally finished this writing alhamdulillah hahahaha finally
so then, bye bye bye!

yours truthfully, Ela.

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