Saturday, December 8, 2012

desprate moment

hello loyal readers! sorry for being rarely post something at this blog hufft
so sorry you guys have to read this. my desprate moment. my lowest level in life time. another desprate moment in my life. the one that really ruin my life, PMS!! I'm not sure all this galauness came from PMS eventhough if it's true but a piece of my heart don't believe that. if it's because of PMS then why I feel it all the time? it has been a month all of this galauness, undetected-feeling (the way I used to call this I-dont-know-feeling) stay in my mind, all the time. feels like it never really gone, the feeling. sebenernya sih bisa aja gak dirasain, cumankan yang namanya perasaan kadang suka kerasa huhu
we're teenager, we face life matter. our own desprate moment. there is nothing to worry about, but something always come out and it become worse, the feeling became worse than ever.
we're teenager, we're stiil learning how to solve our own problem, our own life matter. the life pressure that we feel eventhough no one feels that they're pressuring us.
we're teenager, we say what we feel, but sometimes we don't know what we actually feel and dont't even know how to handle it. we're complicated. the feeling is confusing.
we're teenager, we did what we want. we want be approved. treat us like we're really exist.
we're teenager, sometimes we don't want to know and hear what actually we wont hear, but indeed we need that, what other people opinion about us. life lesson. open-minded.
we're teenager, we need attention, but we don't want to seem pathetic. never pity us. but please understand us.

ps: it is not us, it is actually me huhu

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