Sunday, January 4, 2015

Yesterday so Yesterday

“How I love those eyes of yours, the way you smirked a little, it reflected a bit of your content heart. Heart, that is exposed through your sincere eyes. I love you for today. ”

So yesterday, yes yesterday.
Please let me talk about the way I feel about yesterday.

Yesterday, I was missing you.
Thought you would not came and attend the class in the noon
Cause you’ve been missing it since morning
But turned out you didn’t.
You came a bit late and I was looking at you.
Yes I was looking at you.
I thought I shouldn’t be obvious by looking at you suspiciously,
So I stopped. But I was just too missing you
I couldn’t help myself, im sorry.

I stared at you, you stared back at me.
Searching for empty seats around,
Then you sat in front of me. It was close, I am glad.

You sometimes looked behind cause your friends sat behind me
And I tried to look okay.
I was joking around with my girls and you sometime joined the laughs.
But rest of the time you just sat still in silence.
I didn’t know what you’ve been doing.
Either you were thinking or tying to understand what the lecturers might be saying.

At the end of the class,
I was asking for your help to pass the presence list
But you wouldn’t.
I with that-happy-go-derp face joked that you were evil
Cause you wouldn’t pass that to me.
But I smiled again,
I knew it might be obvious,
But I didn’t know would you be realizing it?
Or maybe you did but you tried to be usual.
Everything, whatever you did, it was all okay, my love. 

Then you started asking how the earlier class been going
And else, the tasks I mean.
Then I answered that everything is okay
We just got to make groups of the whole class divided into 4
Which mean it took 15 persons per group
And you were that startled
I don’t know if I loved

Just imagine how little things you do could all go trembled my world
Baby I’ll eat you up, I love you so.

I know right, I am cheesy and too sucker for feelings and love.
All I can write and think about was just about my feelings all over again.
I wish I could write something different, right.
I wish I could make my imagination go useful, my right brain I mean.

I wish I could write and read more.

- A Memo I Took Yesterday so Yesterday

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