Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pacitan; Fun Day Trip with The Moms

Haiiiii, padahal ngantuk banget tapi mumpung masih mood cerita ku ingin cerita yah :D
So in January 18th, me and my cousin joined a trip to Pacitan with the Ibu-Ibu Arisan Kecamatan Mojomulyo :')
We headed from Sragen to Pacitan at 6 in the morning and arrived in the location for about 3-4 hours later!

1. First Destination was Pantai Klayar!
Klayar Beach seen by far!

At the first, we went to Klayar Beach with its massive waves for a usual swimming beach, I mean its wave's much more huge than any swimming beach, even more it is located between the cliff.

But there we see a hole, kind of hole that whenever a wave comes, the hole will spray the water from the waves because of the pressure and that was funnn bc its the very first time seeing sth like that.
And the huge waves also crashing the cliff nearby and its amazing also. The water was so blue, and the sand is light colored.

arrival point of Klayar Beach

Celfie with la Kezin

But because the huge amount of the masses and the ambiance that is no longer seen like well taken care of, it becomes less preferable.
But okay is okay, we also got to ride an atv!

View of Our Front!

One atv for two people and cost Rp50k for both way, arriving and departing.
We was told to ride an atv bc it takes abt 800m to reach the other spot, the cliff spot, from the first arriving spot, meanwhile.... Its just not as that far as I seen.
But not really matter, its was quite worth riding the atv bc of the sandy fun track haha

When I was on the atv I remember that my cousin in Tangerang used to took me on an atv ride around the neighborhood. And thx bc of him, I'm having an heart attack, like really, try to imagine riding an atv with full speed on and drifting on the junction! i almost ripped my self off.
And oh yes, no using brakes on every polisi-tidur, too.

The Cliff Area

Climbed it and no don't worry it's not that dangerous :)

The view from the main cliff spot to the opposite!

And after we came back to the first spot from the cliff spot, we got to enjoy coconut water together, and after that we came back to the pick-up parking lot far above.

Bc of the hiking track to the parking lot, my aunt decided to ride an ojek, so yes we did. Ojek Rp5k each, from the first arrival spot of the beach to the pick-up car parking lot above.
We thought we've been left behind bc we didn't see any of our group members, but turned out that everyone was in the restaurant beside the parking lot.

Then we had our lunch and after then we rode the pick-up car again and went to the famous Goa Gong which takes about 30 mins from Klayar Beach.
The track was, you know, that Pacitan Beach style kind of road, wohoo!
Our bus was parked at the Goa Gong parking lot bc bus couldn't get through to the Klayar beach, so because of that we had to rode the pick-ups

2. The Uh-Mazing; Goa Gong!

Yes, second destination was the famous Goa Gong. It was the very first time I did a cave trip.
I mean its not really a trip, just a visit, but seeing underneath the earth and natural geology phenomenon was just amwawzin~

It took about 300m of walking up and down of the stairs. Yes, alhamdulillah we are now facilitated with the stairs inside the cave so we don't have to suffer too much to enjoy the Goa Gong.

But inside the cave is a bit too dark if we didn't hand a single hand-lightning. Its too dark bc we have to walk on wet cement stairs and its a bit dangerous if we slipped bc not all the stairs have same high each. its good that on the outside of the cave, there are many offerings of hand-lightning renting.

There's so many lightning effects which make the dramatics effect of the cave and its Stalags. (Even though the lightning effects didn't really help on the stairs). And there were so many fans too, so the heat inside the cave is still make sense.

I wish I didn't meet Gollum inside the cave cause it would be just wow yet scary haha

Its my very first time seeing and touching the Stalag inside the cave, as I remembered, and the waters still dripping and else.

Then we had such a sudden guard (re: photographer) and when we passed the usual stalag, he said that, it is the famous Gong Stalag and we tried to punch it and it really Gong-ed (made a Gong sound). Haha.

Its a bit tiring to keep walking on the stairs, but the scenery did worth the energy.

Done taking a look on Goa Gong, we accompanied Rima and Aunt Yani to buy some clothes. And after that we went back to regrouping and went to the next destination.

The Chaos of Picture-Taking

3. Third Destination I-Don't-Know-The-Name-----

Next destination took around 1 hour by our bus, it was Pasar Ikan and (I don't know what's the beach name). They are located in one area so its kind of near.

The beach itself is a swimming beach and when we arrived the waters hadn't tide, jadi masih seru.
Selesai nemenin Tante Yani belanja ikan, kita langsung main di pantai.

Seru bgt udh lama nggak berenang di pantai, waktu itu bisa berenang lagi meskipun nggak sampai 20 menit tapi alhamdulillah worth the fun :D

Gue mau sok-sok belajar berenang di pantai but the waves is just... You know haha
So I just keep on playing with the waves. Idk its a bit hard to stay floating while the waves come haha
The water is also so salty, I can even taste the salt grain inside my mouth. Even though I'm not sure whether its salt or just sand haha

There were also kids playing surf and they did look so happy haha
Jadi yaudah, main bentar tapi seru bgt. Udah lumayan capek jadi ya nggak kesel juga waktunya cm bentar krn seru bgt haha.
Habis main kita udh dipanggil disuruh udahan, terus kita bilas dan selanjutnya lanjut ke tempat makan selanjutnya untuk makan malam.
Selesai makan malam, kita langsung lanjut perjalanan pulang ke Sragen which I don't know why the way back felt like taking longer time than the departing hmmm

Sampai di Sragen jam 11-an, dan yasudah. Alhamdulillah for today... :3

Pardon for the not-so-HD-pictures, i took them with my one and only pitiful iPod but i'm grateful i still get to catch some! :D

Dearly, ELKTRC :D

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