Friday, January 24, 2014

Thought About This Is Confusing

I've never known what is the right definition of true love since I've never fallen too deep for someone else. and yes, you are allowed to doubt me if I've ever define it as I've never been into any relationship ever since i was born. haha.

I've never bother anyway because i know i have never been fallen too hard on someone else.
but i do think about it recently to see what makes people stay on each others and that makes me losing faith in what so called true love or soulmate or so

what i know and i believe is true love does happen in our life to those who are doing care.
i mean, when you really care about someone, didn't it spell love?

like, what defines a family? 

isn't what family had on each others is true love? because no matter whatever and however the persons are, they still love and do care about each other so much, no?

what i tried to point on to is that, isn't true love might happen to anybody as long as both of the persons do love hard and care much to one another without expecting any gain ahead because they do it just wholeheartedly? 

so, is that allowed to be called true love? if we do really care about somebody?

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