Thursday, January 23, 2014


do you ever read a quote that says, maybe you don't need to find a perfect person to complete you but a person who accept you for who you are. and for me, to finally be accepted by others, we might need to accept our self first.

the time when you finally can accept yourself, so then you'll learn how to live by loving yourself first. ☺
it may take time for those who haven't done yet, it may be hard to do, but i believe the day will come. believe it gets closer that you would finally can accept yourself.
by means accepting yourself is being opened up for who you are. no need to be ashamed for being yourself. i know as a teenager you might find it confusing to decide which ones is yourself (since people around you take a big influence in it), but hey you can learn though.

you might just need to find persons who can accept the bad and good in you, accept you for who you are.
and when you meet them, you'll never take them for granted because you'll be very grateful to have them around to see you as yourself. no longer need to pretend, no more anxiety of people will be judging you. and that's just relieving somehow.

and time by time you'll realize how to accept yourself since people tend to do so to you. remember that kindness will take you anywhere. ☺

i just wanna say that i am very grateful to finally meet these kind of people whom i never expected before
that they helped me to learn to accept my self by not judging each others.
truth to be told, i was once a loner that i was pretty introvert from the outer world and then i met them that they opened up the heart by accepting the weirdness in me and being silly together with each of our flaws that we put it together and made a perfect combination of mutual feeling that build a precious friendship. and yes, they just didn't judge cause we know judging wont bring any bliss.
and besides being silly together and laughing at each others were so much fun doing than judging each other, no? :)
and that's one of life lessons i learned.

so i think its either you can choose to love and accept yourself first for people to finally accept you or
you can choose to meet these kind of people who can (or might) be true to you first then you have to accept them in the way they are so then they can accept you too.
both ways are good, but i think in order to be treated the way you want people to treat you, you better get yourself prepared to treat people the way you want them to treat you.

you may be unfortunate enough for meeting the wrong ones but you can take that as a lesson and don't stop being kind and believe that kindness will take you anywhere. you know? give more and expect less then you'll get the world. :))

Katy Perry once said that acceptance is the key to be truly free, will you do this thing for me? :')

sincerely, el.

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