Saturday, December 21, 2013

Titled Thoughts

thank you chips for saving my belly in the middle of nowhere and dark at its finest, yes i mean midnight.
i owe you my life.

thank you electricity, my laptop and internet for finally made it to accompany me staying awake at this middle of the night. yes, restless mind has rested too long.

thank you musics for giving such an eargasm yet distraction for the restless mind to think clearly. but night would be just very quite without you, and might be scary at a time haha.

so in this writing, i actually got so many things to talk about but then because of the exaggeration, it all gone to the forest of grey mist where things couldn't be found. haha.
(don't you think it would be nice and exciting to write such a fiction story of anything? intentions do better than reality haha :'))

there's one thing, it's a bit bothering my mind tonight;
let me ask, do you ever just want to talk to somebody but you just can't because you know they wont feel you, and may suggest something you know, you feel bad about the idea (yes, i know truth hurts sometimes).
but then again you think why you have to even bother to do so if you can just talk to sth, something where you can just tell what you feel without having the insecurity that someone will bother about what you're feeling. (i mean why we have to be sorry for what we really feel?) or even that insecurity where you just worry people wont keep it as a secret and spread it all to the world (i know, like a public secret i mean haha).

and yes, instead of having a diary i prefer my twitter and my blog. but since twitter is too short to accommodate my thoughts, i think blog will handle better haha.

so many people told me not to be an introvert who's keeping it all to herself. well, sorry, never meant to. moreover i think, if i really wanna talk about something, then i will. if not, then don't force me. i'm an open book once i trust a person. but for those whom i haven't trust yet, please don't even bother to force me to tell you my life, even more about my personal. besides if i feel comfortable with you, without you even have to ask, i'll let you see my life through the eagle eyes of Ela. :)
my God knows better.

and yes, on a lonesome night like this i always wish to have somebody to talk to, to accompany me see the fantasy above the imaginations. somebody i could send the gratitude of having him around, have a sweet nice talks about life. and yes i know you got what i mean haha.

by the mean of the recent post; weekend.
before that i was writing down my favorite quote from lyrics line until all of sudden i found the lyrics of weekend was so fit on me. (with the exaggeration of course :"))
next time, i'll let to you know my favorite lyric lines! :D

somebody's gotta tell me something.
i am in that confusion between giving up or holding back. it's even easier to give up rather than to hold back.

in between those options, i might be just dying buried my self alive to the thoughts my mind has made up.

i think it'll be better if i'm just off to sleep and end this writing here. good night! sorry for the anti climax :p


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