Monday, December 23, 2013

Review of My Monday. Dec 23th.

today was tiring but fun, yes as usual. tiring? I doubt that also, remembering back what I was doing for the whole day was nothing but laughing. I remember clearly when me and my pals were laughing out loud when we were at canteen, shared some stories and jokes. and after that we still did it continuously in the car, campus and our beloved bakso sony. :')

I was staying up late the night before to study and waking up earlier than I used to be bc I supposedly had final exam for engineering math but unfortunately (or sadly) the teacher FORGOT to do so. what a day ..... (⌣́_⌣̀) waiting the teacher coming for like an half and an hour, we finally decided to end the class (yes after all these panic attacks) and went to canteen to grab some meal which that time I was feeling a bit sick and just ate a little less than the usual me. but still got my self capable to laugh brutally hahaha. then we went to Salma's house to pray and watch a little part of insidious 2 and also chatted around, laughed what can be laughed together haha.

then we went back to campus to deliver Ira attending her mentoring class (AAI) and waited for her for like an hour in the canteen while grabbed some snacks bc I was just that hungry bc I hadn't ate my lunch that time. we were planning to go to bakso sony to have some after school snacks and yes we did so haha.

then we went back to campus (again) to attend project X which what we did back then was just looking at people installing the installation. that was a cool installation though. After the installation installed pretty cool(ly) we had such a briefing for the event and finally weeenttt baaack to our natureees hahaha

And yes here I am having my self reviewing back what I've done for today. checking back what was I doing, were pretty productive or not and then.... I think it might be just another ordinary day with a little extra laugh for today haha. whether it's productive or not, I think that was the best I could do for my self and for today. how I wish to have my days more productive but back then, I AM very grateful to have friends I could count on and cheer me up as always. :))

was that enough for me to call it a 'tiring' day, huh? haha

after this I still get an appointment with Suj, Yo & Ir to continue watching insidious 2 and do sleep over (all over again). then, wish me luck!

I am also obviously missing someone too today, even though mornings always feel warmer when I get him around but still anything will never be enough for the feelings. anxiety.

all I wanna say is, I miss you so much! my days always been better when you're around. even though I may spend lots of time with my female girls but that doesn't mean I don't spend every minute not thinking abt yeh. I get a life, and so do you. I may be just not ready yet, but I let you to live your life to the fullest (which would be better if you sincerely put me on it).

but then again, I like you and think will always do as long as you let me. take care.

sincerely, yours. ♡

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