Sunday, December 22, 2013

Idea of Over Think

do you ever consider whether yourself were the one worth fighting for?
because somehow i'd like to feel like who the hell i am expecting someone to like me in the weird way of i am. but then again i think maybe i'm just not that bad, maybe i'm just unfortunate enough for not meeting the one yet.
but then again it scares me sometimes (all the times eventually). would someone out there loved me the way i loved them that much? would he ever know, even though i know he would never know if i never say so, but isn't that just to embarrassing to tell what you feel through a guy? even more when you're a girl..

but then again i think, how if guys also think that way?
its just like universe wont let hearts meet.

do you deserve him or does he deserve you?
that's bothering. would you be effortful enough to get what you want or would you just think the opposite? think that you are worth (or perfect maybe idk) enough to be fought for so then you can just sit back and watch the game begins?
its just confusing me to think that someone would make effort more than the other one which is literally not fair. but hell who understands love when you could just enjoy it anyway?

do you ever feel like love needs to be shared?
because somehow i kinda feel this bomb of emotions which feels like all these gentle and tender feeling through others needs to be shared, like;
do you ever just care about someone so much that you could even do anything just to make it safe and sound? i feel that and i care about someone so much that i just don't know how to show my care to him.

at the end someone may make effort more than the other, one would do anything to make their loved one feels secure. someone may sacrifice his/her self to people whom they love and who love them too. would never have to think twice to do kindness. humanity; restored.

"how come you want to do so?"
"because i know if it happens to me, he would do the same."

i once read it somewhere that love is a blessing from God and it's mundane for all creatures to feel that inside their hearts, including human. so why are we?

maybe we just have to feel it without having a hard thought about it.
just let the feeling streams so it wont explode like any other.

just wonder if the feeling's even mutual.
do you even feel me?

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