Friday, December 20, 2013

Dark Horse

for cookie monster who finally got moon child's heart beaten up.

cookie monster came up from nowhere. as a stranger he acted as cold as ice mountain, invisible as the wind.
cookie monster was once everyone's center of attention but not to moon child, she didn't easily distract. moon child walked as she didn't care about the world, she didn't even notice cookie monster was there, vice versa.

but then, cookie monster once became even more so strange, he got caught up inside the deepest ocean of the vision of moon child. window hearts met, moon child couldn't bear but melted deep inside. as moon child drowned deeper, she couldn't help but wonder if cookie monster did feel the same bump as her. cookie monster started to take over moon child's mind without she even realized. moon child started to notice that cookie monster had taken over her world, all she could cherish was all him. out of the blue, cookie monster became apple of her eyes, such a blessing in disguise.

cookie monster suddenly became the quirkiest creature in the world for moon child, she couldn't expect but stay through, saw if cookie monster wanted to say a word, but cookie monster had never said so. over-worried that the bump wasn't mutual.

suddenly became a dark horse to the galaxy of moon child.
day went day, time passed as the water flew away. across the galaxy, moon child missed cookie monster so badly as she missed her blanket in cold mornings.

moon child was a thinker, she even wondered whether cookie monster would ever have her in his mind. no one did ever know.

tell me whether cookie monster gets the same electric as moon child ever does feel? no one in the bizarre galaxy would ever know unless cookie monster say a word.

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