Sunday, December 8, 2013

Architecture Graduation

so today was my seniors graduation! congratulations all! be good and good luck for the next step forward to another part of your life! :D

today was a good good day. as my seniors graduated we all (the juniors and the college mates of those) were havin a nice idea where we were all about celebrating their graduation by parading them from faculty to auditorium which was located in the middle of the uni.

it all was so much fun to feel the same happiness as the graduation participants. it all was a pleasure to be able to celebrate together and let them go one step further whole-heartedly. farewell to those who deserve. gratitudes and motivations for us to be like them one day. haha.

we all were singing together along the way from the faculty to auditorium. singing the song we all have practiced the night before. and fyi, all the songs are home made haha think to have it on an album i guess :p

meanwhile all the graduation participants attended their farewell ceremony at the auditorium, we all headed back to the faculty as we all decided to take a short rest and grab some lunch. so then we all waited for the graduation participants bc we still got another suprise for them.

and yes by mean of surprise is, this is the first time we parade the graduation participants, since there was nothing like this before my generation came to uni. nice thought being a founding father, isnt it? :p

after some lunch break, we all gathered together again and did game with the graduation participants. they were asked to blow a ballon until it boomed, from the philosophical value, we can say that they have to lose their fear (by blowing a ballon until its boomed) in order for them to step to the upper level of their live. nice thought, nah?

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El. x

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