Sunday, November 24, 2013

Went to Sundak Beach

Bitches love Beaches.
Me, Ira, Sujan, Sita, Yoan

last weekend me and my girls went to Jogja for a sort of short vacation haha at first we didnt know where to go after we arrived in Jogja but back then all thanks to Sujan and her Imo for being kind enough by hosting us during our stay in Jogja. i was both so excited and grateful! :D

so we headed to Solo Balapan station at 11:00 am because we were going to Jogja by train and the train was scheduled at that time. we were accompanied by Lalu too but Lalu arrived first so he queued for buying tickets for us too haha but unfortunately Lalu and us had a different plan while in Jogja after, so we and Lalu didnt drop off in the same destination station.

after arriving at Tugu Station, Jogjakarta we have been waited by the driver and we just headed straight to Sundak beach! we had to go up and down the hills before we got to the beach. yeah that was a tiring trip to the beach but seeing so many greenic sublimes around was just calming as hell. even more we got to see the beach from the car while the car was riding on the top of the hills. :D

after like 2 hour trip, we finally arrived at Sundak Beach!
the beach was pretty clean and quite bc not so many people came that day. fun though!
that was the first time for me going to such a quite beach (in Inonesia) i mean, since my house always been far from beach hiks haha.

we took off our shoes so then it wouldnt get wet and also we didnt bring flip flops haha and actualyy i ever had an experience when i wore my flip flops on the beach and somehow it got along with the weave and almost swept away to the sea. that was startling for me haha. so this time i thoguht i better bare footing since no more choices, nah? haha

i dont know if that was me who had been too long not going to beach or beach sands was getting rougher bc i felt my feet were too ticklish of the beach sands, but still i dont know. haha.

pose yang selalu ada tiap ke Pantai (atau kemana pun);
Foto Pas Lompat :')

you see?
it's a bright sanded and coral beach
and also its very clean, no trash around and im so inlove with it.

saking beningnya, ikan kecil-kecil bisa keliatan bahkan bisa ditangkap.
disini banyak yang jual jaring kecil gitu tapi pasti gak tega juga kan nangkepi ikan yang masih kecil-kecil gitu? haha
we were intending to go to the other side of the beach, which is there;

and yes we had to walk along the shore to get there but ever since our feet didnt bear to walk on the sands bc it was too rough for us (anak pantai macam apa ini), we decided to walk along on the coral which was nicer bc it had mosses on its top, even though it was a bit slippery but it was better haha.
pardon us.. :')

and yes shit just became real, it was raining thereee.
you could hardly imagine how it was raining on the beach. sucks but grateful though.
Indonesians dont really need tanning, so we were so much grateful about the raining bc we didnt need to worry our skins would go darker haha :')
but not seeing the sunset was miscount, yah.. :')

i was so bored of waiting the rain to finally over so then i played the sand with my bare feet, trying making a face, ngubek-ngubek sands till i realize a yuyu came out bc i just broke its house.
uuh im so sorry yuyu, i didnt know. :'l

finally went home for some rest up!

i think that's enough for this post!
alhamdulillah akhirnya draft tidak hanya sekedar menjadi draft belaka.
thanks to whoever reading this and sorry for such a bombaring posts!

sincerely, Ela! xx
regards from the chubby cheeks!

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