Saturday, November 23, 2013


and yes like i said before in the previous post, we were going out for dinner and we chose pizza!
its been a long time since the last time i had a date with my pizzas and pastas hiks
go get yourself ready for some food porn haha :p

yes you go, dessert :'9
get yourself ready for some extras! click read more! :D


Ariani Nurfakhirah

Yuwandita Tamara

Song Sujan


and yes we all got suprised by the bill
kecelakaan.. :')

after all got their stomach full and finally could make it to go home, and also paying the bill of course (with a kind of insincere heart bc feeling like paying too much) we finally went home.. with so much guilty pleasure all the time. :')

it was worth it thoug, good food worth good price, no? haha
omg mami gonna burst on me haha. :')

sincerely, me!
Ela. xx

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