Thursday, October 17, 2013

As an Usherette.

hello there!
got nothing to do but had my self to post something here because i just wanted to haha so then i'm just gonna share you events ive been going through past these days!

weeks ago i got my self wearing make up because i was asked to be such a guest welcomer to one of the family member's wed. yes, i was so enthusiast knowing my self would be wearing make up since i never done it well in my life ahaha. so i just took some photos right after the make up's done haha

i hadn't done the hair do bc i was just too excited of taking these photos ahaha
once in my life i felt so beautiful without smiling ahaha :)) :p
pardon the narcism! :3
btw Welcome November! thank you for coming too fast. :3
Ela. X

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