Saturday, November 23, 2013

Architecture Inauguration Party!

hold on Sept 25th at 7 pm, Architecture UNS was having its inauguration party which was very hillarious and amusing! so much things we done that night.

before we got into the venue we had to do some dances which were very funny because the theme of this years event was Archquake which was something about dancing. and yes, me with my awkward moves finally made me into the venue haha.

before the event started, we've got to watch some documentary films of Arch'12, while me and my friends were so busy taking photos and selfies, even more because we had to dress up in minimal 4 different colors. and yes here we are..

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I was so glad to finally wear my sunglasses for the first time bc i didnt have the chance before haha

after watching films and taking some selfies we did such a game with a kind of rope which the rope had to be distributed through our body without anyone using their hand bc their hand use to hold other's hand haha. so we made a huge massive circle of all the people and hold each other's hand, and when the music started playing we had to start too! and when the music stopped, the rope stopped going too and person who had the rope with him/her had to be up front in the middle of the huge massive circle and be punished haha.
that was so fun bc the one who lose got to dance in front of all the people who came haha

after that we got a bit tired and limp bc we hadnt got our dinner yet. but the committees gave us some snacks which was a sandwich and dinner which was a pasta and drink which was cold syrup with a kind of jelly in it. that was enough i think haha.

after that each group from each generation had to so some battle dance. that was so hillarious and amazing bc people got that cool moves and i was like woow. cool enough haha.
and that was the climax of the event.

after that we just took another photos and chit chatted and after night became darker we all decided to go home..

i think thats all! it was funnn and cool seeing everybody moves like a professional dancers haha

thanks! Ela xx

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