Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh Life..

hello there!
here i am again tonight! get nothing to do and have so many thoughts while havin' no where to share it all (again) haha

days been very nice to me, college life was not as bad as i think it would be. feels like my days are getting better than before too, and yes i'm so happy that i've already said goodbye to high school life haha *waving*
i am a grateful monstrum! :D
so many bliss happened to me lately and i am so grateful for whatever happened on my life, good or bad i still try my best to accept it whole-heartedly and take the good lessons from it. tho sometimes i'm feeling like forgetting Him bc i was too enjoying my life, i am trying my best to keep the goods in me. the old parts of me that i think worth keeping, me who was forever grateful, independent, patient, neat, determined and the one who always prays and tawakal to Allah.. haha.
yes yes yes, life's changing either i but i do try my best to be a better person every time. I've promised my self that i have to prove that this architectural study is really my passion to my own self. haha. i know i know it starts to sound so exaggerating but i sometimes just feel that i am less determined than i used to be, and somehow this is depressing. haha.
i think i'm just too relaxed knowing that my college classes aren't not as intense as my last year of high school classes. i mean its too contradicted and now i am too enjoying my spare times between these college classes. at first i was startled bc i was kinda feeling like no going school bc my college schedule was not very tight, but then yeah.. i feel you colleger all around the world.

but still it's nice becoming a freshman! i still get that spare times and get to hang out with my girls every time we want to haha lol astagfirullah :''''''''''''''''''''''''l

this is what i was trying to point to.. so many guilty pleasures happening on my life recently hahaha one time i wanna be mature by studying hard and being determined (as i used to be) and also being penny-wise (as a normal colleger do) but then again i find my self trying to live my life as well haha yes i'm in that confusion.. hope someone would feel me right now so then we can share this same feeling and find a way out together haha :')

oh friend, you should feel me.

oh and also!! I THINK I HAVE TO IMPROVE MY ENG SKILL WHICH IS DESPERATELY DECREASING DOWN LOW TO THE BOTTOM HIKS. tell how the hell could i improve my English skill?! i think i'm not the one who'd like to read newspapers or other similar things which people said could improve your English skill hiks lol so then here I am posting again helping my self to be getting used (again) to this foreign language so then i wouldn't forget and lower this special talent God had gave me. please please help me to keep improving this hiks. i am truly sad abt this hiks. :'>
moreover i keep telling my self, IF I STILL WANNA GO ABROAD I HAVE TO IMPROVE (or at least keep without lowering) MY ENG SKILL (esp speaking and writing). HIKS.
how i missed way i used to make some essays on course but those were just old days and now i have to improve this by my self or i'm gonna find my self lowering it until its gone hiks. i just dont want to..

oh well i think i'm just too busy with my self hanging around chit-chatting while i can really do something more productive than that hiks.. (here you go again guilty pleasure..)

enough is enough, or you're gonna find me telling you all my guilty pleasures one by one (which is too many to be described or told one by one hiks haha)

Ela. (and her confusion abt her life lately and this post which is literally point to nothing) haha. XX

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