Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Recent Addiction

hahahaha truth to be honest, ive been a fan girl since July haha
i still remember the first time i was forced to listen the whole Take Me Home album on the car
and found out that the album was not that bad!

yes common people on my surrounding keep tellin that boyband isn’t sth to be admired or so on, but no!
i got to prove em wrong, they boys are amaziiing hahaha

and here i am being a fan girl of these Brit boys, One Direction! haha

uhh where i should start... haha
i never hated or not-loved One Direction since the start, like i mean i like them but not as freak as i am now haha
when was on the car, i listened to those for days every time my aunt drove us (cause my Aunty loves them first than me) and i found that the lyric was so romantic though some of em i found a bit cheesy haha and the tunes were so ear catching, guess whos not gonna love it haha.
i instantly fell in love the very first time i listened to Last First Kiss, i mean that was the sweetest song i've ever heard. "i wanna be last yeah, baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss. i wanna be first yeah, wanna be the first and take it all the way like this"~ wish my future hubby would sing that for me ahaha

and my second favorite song on the album is Rock Me, that song is craic to be sung dude!
good tunes for good mood haha "i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yah. i want you to hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care" haha and my another favorite part is when "R-O-C-K me again" keeps repeating hahaha sick..

and i loved Back For You too, it was sweet and got that good tune too, so i set it as my phone ringtone haha LOVED IT!

and the rest i love them too but not as excited as these three haha, let me list from my favoritest haha
i got I Would after Back For You
and then Heart Attack (at first it was confusing coz what i know Heart Attack is Demi's song haha)
Truly Madly Deeply and Irresistible are also sweet! Thank the boys who owned that songs haha
Then, Kiss You, Na Na Na, She's Not Afraid, Still The One, Loved You First, Nobody Compares, Magic, Change My Mind, and They Don't Know About Us..
Knowing they got those good tunes, I was getting curious!
So I also listened to their first album too, Up All Night (yes Take Me Home is the second haha) and the song were also ridiculously geeeewd oh God haha. The first album I find it a bit cheesier and the second is better but still loved both!

I loved Stole My Heart from most of all the first album songs! That song is really rock dude, I mean that kind of music is really my jam, with some of electric tune. (you know I love Cobra Starship and Breathe Electric cause they got that electric pop tune haha)
And after that I loved Everything About You, it was quite cheesy but I’d love to sing it out loud haha oh yeh and Up All Night was also fun to be sung ahaha
Moments, Same Mistakes, More Than This, I Wish are kind of mellow but still loved the tunes! Haha
And then I got Save You Tonight, Tell Me A Lie, Another World, I Want, Taken haha

and after that i started diggin infos for 1D, watched some videos of it and found that the lads are mad haha, I loved Niall! He got that kind heart, funny and good personality; moreover he has that cute laugh, real Irish accent and those blue eyes haha. I actually think that he’s dumb cause he let himself tattooed on his arse, I mean who in the world would like to have an arse tattoo? haha lol Niall is just being Nialler

gotta let you see some of Niall’s pic! But no, I won’t let your eyes scream seeing Niall’s arse, it’s too dangerous here haha

Niall James Horan, everybody! :D

click see more for more Nialler! i promise youre gonna love him as i do haha :D

cant stand this! <//3

 Niall is just being Nialler, here's some of his dumbness haha <3 :D

guess who can resist this baby blue eyes haha, too lovely! 

hahaha i think thats all for this post, my actual purpose of this post is actually this! haha to post Nialls pic. he is too adorable and irresistible. glad to have a nice kid boy as an addiction! :)

Love, Ela! :D

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